Lamps & Fixtures

    Natural light that feels right

    Lamps & Fixtures

    Natural light that feels right

  • Smart control with Hue Bridge

  • Available for indoor and outdoor

  • Light source included

    Hue Lamps & Fixtures

    Impress Outdoor Wall light

    Get outside. Connect the Impress wall light to your existing Hue Bridge to use features such as "away from home" control, geofencing, and scheduling.

    Table lamps


    Wall lights


    Recessed light


    Floor lamps


    Path lights


    Ceiling lights


    Pendant lights


    Light up your day

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    Hue Bathroom

    Home sweet Hue
    Dimmer Switch

    Meet the Dimmer Switch


    The Hue Dimmer switch is the easiest way to control the lights in your home. Connect up to 10 White or White Ambience lights directly or completely customize the behavior of the Dimmer Switch once you hook it up to a Hue Bridge.

    Dimmer Switch

    Friends of Hue lighting

    Hue smart lighting

    Smart lighting meets high-end design

    A greater choice of choice of lighting designs when you’re decorating your home. If you see the Friends of Hue logo, it works with Hue.
    Partner products available in select markets only.

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