The world‘s first theatrical play directed by light


    To demonstrate the ability of Philips Hue in instantly creating different moods, we’ve produced a unique interactive live brand experience. Audiences were able to control 47 wirelessly connected lights via a single app. With each mood created onstage, the improv actors were put to the test, performing a timeless classic unrehearsed and unscripted, with only Philips Hue to direct their performance – resulting in the world’s first play directed by light. Philips Hue.

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    47 Philips Hue lights x Improv actors x A live audience

    Recreate Romeo and Juliet with Philips Hue. Watch the full play and select a mood to give this timeless classic a modern twist.
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    From Home to Theatre

    With over 16 million colours, we immersed a live audience in the mesmerising world of Philips Hue. The interactive live experience demonstrated firsthand the capabilities of transforming an entire theatre, let alone any home, with the power to create the right mood – be it romance, drama, thrill or anything your lifestyle desires.

    Hue, Camera, Action

    Philips Hue White and Colour Ambiance Bulbs, Hue Lightstrip Plus and Hue GO were used to direct the play. While the end result is elaborate and mesmerising, setting up and synchronising these 47 wirelessly connected lights were quick and effortless – all done via a single Philips Hue bridge and app.
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    Romeo and Juliet

    Not all star-crossed lovers end in tragedy. Taking on roles from the infamous classic without a script or rehearsal, our improv actors for the first time ever, were told to take directions from light. As the plot continued to evolve throughout the play, their performance demonstrated the infinite stories that light could tell. Especially one that has over 16 millions colours to choose from.



    Jasmin Tarasin

    “In our day to day lives, we underestimate
    how much light can affect our moods.”
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    Rowan Davie as Romeo  

    “The audience gets to control
    the light and where the story goes.”
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