Smart lamps with smarter style

Philips Hue has partnered with other lighting brands to offer Hue-compatible smart lamps and fixtures in virtually endless designs.

Friends of Hue Lamps and Fixtures


Completely compatible

Simply add a Friends of Hue lamp to your Hue app and control it as you would any of your existing Philips Hue lights.

App control

Full control — your way

In addition to control in the Hue app, your Friends of Hue lamps and fixtures work with Hue accessories, such as motion sensors and switches, as well as voice-controlled smart home assistants.


Wide range of designs

Thanks to our Friends, you can choose from countless Hue-compatible lamps and fixtures to complement your home’s interior.


Our partners

Smart lamps and Hue: a perfect match

Bring your home to life with extraordinary designs that seamlessly integrate with your Philips Hue smart home lighting system. Completely customize your home with fixtures that match your personal style — and lighting preferences. 

friends of hue logo

Friends of Hue

When you see the Friends of Hue logo, you can be sure the product was tested, certified, and works with you Phillips Hue smart lighting system.

Discover our friends

Explore the brands that bring you Hue-compatible light fixtures and lamps, letting you expand your smart home collection exactly the way you want to.

New to Hue?

Philips Hue brings smart lighting to everyday homes, allowing anyone to create special moments and automate with light. Start with Philips Hue your way: Bluetooth or Bridge. And no worries: even if you start with a Bluetooth-controlled system, you can always add a Bridge.


We’re here to help

Have questions or need support? From FAQs and how-to videos to phone and email support, we are happy to help.


Availability of Friends of Hue products may differ per country.
Requires a Philips Hue bridge for full smart functionality or a Philips Hue dimmer switch for basic light control (on/off, dimming and light recipes).