Discover smart lighting ideas for a brighter holiday

    Rock Your Holiday Spirit Outdoors

    With Hue’s range of smart outdoor lighting products, you can spread the holiday cheer to the rest of the neighborhood. For starters, add Hue outdoor to your existing exterior light fixtures, and line your entryway with 
    Hue pathway lights or add direct spolightsYou can use the Hue outdoor lightstrip for accenting doorways, windows frames, or entrance staircases outside your home.

    An Immersive Experience

    When you are in a movie theatre, the lights are low and in either dark blue or purple so you can stay immersed in the movie, still see your popcorn and find your way to the snack bar. You can create this same experience at home with the Hue Play or Hue Signe behind your TV to splash low level blue light on the wall. You can also select red, green, or the warm glow of the yule log to set a festive mood for your holiday movies.

    Deck The Halls With Light


    Start with the Hue indoor lightstrip, a flexible light source, that can be placed on your fireplace mantel to spotlight holiday displays. Please be aware the maximum temperature the Hue indoor lightstrip should be exposed to is 113°F (or 45 °C).

    Or give your Christmas tree a dramatic halo of light, by setting the Hue Signe floor light behind the tree and backlighting it to create an ethereal glow. Change the color to whatever suits your holiday mood with over 16 million colors at your fingertips.

    A Chic Holiday Dinner

    Instead of real candlelight, use Hue white and color ambiance candle smart bulbs in your chandelier to create the perfect holiday dinner lighting


    Upgrade your existing overhead lighting in the dining area with Hue smart bulbs, or install the sleek and stylish Hue Being pendant light over your table. Or try the new Hue Enchant pendant over your kitchen landing or bar.

    Smart Lighting Effects

    Make It Even More Festive with Smart Lighting Effects

    Use Hue Labs or the Hue Christmas app to accent your holiday décor and take your smart lighting to a new, festive level. Learn more about the special lighting effects you can create below.

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