Decorative, functional, powerful

    the Centris

    Personalised light for any occasion

    Designed to illuminate the room while offering focused accent lighting, the Centris ceiling spot light allows you to create a truly unique atmosphere. Whether you set each light to a different colour or the whole fixture to a soft warm white, the versatility of the Centris offers the potential to truly customise your home for any occasion.
    Personalised light

    Mix functional and decorative lighting

    Each light in the fixture – including the diffused main light – can be tuned to any colour, making it easy to transform any room.

    Adjust each spot individually

    350-degree and up-and-down rotation of each spot light lets you position them to highlight exactly what you want.

    Get powerful light output

    With up to 4,200 lumen and wireless dimming capabilities, the Centris can light up the entire room with colourful light or dim down to low, relaxing tones.
    smart ceiling light with two spotlights

    Hue Centris 2-spot ceiling light

    smart ceiling light with three spotlights

    Hue Centris 3-spot ceiling light

    smart ceiling light with three spotlights in cross position

    Hue Centris 3-spot cross ceiling light

    smart ceiling light with four spotlights

    Hue Centris 4-spot ceiling light

    A unique light for any occasion

    “With the Centris, you get diffused and directional accent lighting from one central point. From there, you can stretch the light and highlight multiple areas or objects in the room.”

    - from Emmanuel Van Den Akker, product designer

    Questions & answers

    What do I need to use the Hue Centris?

    All you need to use a Hue Centris is the fixture itself and either the Hue Bluetooth app or the Hue app. If you want to use the Hue app, which unlocks additional smart lighting features, you’ll also need a Hue Bridge.

    How do I control the Hue Centris?

    You can control your Centris three different ways:


    • Use the Hue Bluetooth app or the Hue app: Which app you use depends on whether you have a Hue Bridge. The Hue Bluetooth app allows you to control the light within Bluetooth range, i.e. within the room. The Hue app – paired to a Hue Bridge – allows you to control the light from anywhere. Learn more about the Hue Bridge.
    • Use an accessory: Philips Hue smart accessories, such as the Hue dimmer switch or the Hue smart button can be paired with the Hue Centris. Note: Only the Hue dimmer switch can be used with a Bluetooth-controlled setup.
    • Use your voice: Pair your lights with a smart home assistant such as Amazon Alexa, the Google Assistant or Apple HomeKit to control your lights using your voice. Note: Only Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant can be used with a Bluetooth-controlled set-up.


    Once you’ve set up the Hue Centris in the app, you can control the light how you like:


    Control each light individually: Manually set each light to a different colour, temperature or brightness in the Hue app.


    Control all lights at once: Combine all the lights in your Hue Centris fixture into a single Zone to control them all at once.

    How do I install and set up the Hue Centris?
    • Install the fixture in your ceiling by following the instructions in the user manual.
    • Connect the Hue Centris to your Philips Hue system using the Hue app or Hue Bluetooth app. The app will find each light in the fixture individually: for example, the Hue Centris fixture that features three spotlights and one main light will appear as four separate lights in the app.
    • (Optional) Combine the individual lights into a Zone to control all the lights at once. Navigate to Settings > Rooms & Zones > Create new > Create Zone. Follow the onscreen instructions to group the lights in the Hue Centris into a Zone. 
    Can I change the position of the spotlights in the Hue Centris?

    Yes. Each spotlight in the Centris can be adjusted individually. Loosen the screw on the side of the spotlights using the provided tool, position the spotlights and tighten the screw to lock them into place.