Hue Secure Subscriptions FAQs

Secure plans & video

Philips hardware FAQs

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Troubleshooting plans

What happens to my recorded video clips when I link my active plan to a different camera in my system ?
What happens if the user who subscribed to the Secure plan leaves the Philips Hue Home?
I've lost access to my Philips Hue account. How can I cancel my Secure plan subscription?
My App Store or Play Store says that I have an active Secure plan subscription, but I don't see it in my Philips Hue app. What do I do?
My Secure plan subscription hasn't renewed automatically. What do I do?
Will my Secure plan work if I move to a different country?


How do I get a free trial of Secure, and when does it start?
When should I switch from the Basic Secure plan to the Plus plan?
Can I use different subscriptions on different cameras?
What are the payment options for a Secure plan?
Do Secure plans have a limit as to the number of cameras I can add?
How can I see how many days are left on my 30-day free trial of a Secure plan?
What is the refund policy for Secure plans?
What permissions do I need to activate a Secure plan?
Can I use my Secure plan for multiple Homes in the Philips Hue app?

Managing plans

How do I manage the cameras in my Secure plan?
What happens to my video clips if I don't renew my Secure plan?
How do I change or update my Secure plan?
Who can manage my Secure plan subscription?
How do I cancel my Secure plan subscription?
How can I see my Secure plan payment history and any upcoming payments?
How can I see my Secure plan subscription details?
Can I change my subscription from monthly to yearly?
Can I change my payment method for my Secure plan?
Can I transfer my Secure plan to another user?
Can I change a Secure plan subscription that was set up by another user?

Security & privacy

Where are the video clips from my Secure camera stored?
Does the Secure camera or Philips Hue cloud analyze my camera feed?
Will I be asked to share my encryption passphrase?
What is end-to-end encryption?
I don't want to use my Secure camera anymore. How do I remove everything from my system?
Who can access my video history?
Is two-factor authentication mandatory if I want to use a Secure camera with my Philips Hue account?
How do I know if a Secure camera is recording?
Where should I store the encryption passphrase to access my Secure camera?
What should I do if I lost my end-to-end encryption passphrase?
What should I do if the Hue app doesn't recognize my passphrase?
Is there anything I'm not allowed to record with Secure cameras?
Can someone disable a Secure camera?

Video & recording

Who has access to the saved video clips from my Secure camera?
Can I access my video history on different devices?
Can I store my video clips locally?
When will my Secure camera start recording video clips?
Can I see recordings from my Secure camera on a web browser?
Is there a delay when I look at my Secure camera's live view?
How do I delete a video clip recorded by a Secure camera?
Are video clips automatically deleted after a certain amount of time?
How do I share videos from my Secure camera?
Does the Secure camera have local storage?
Does Philips Hue share my video clips with anyone else?
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