How Philips Hue works


    The possibilities of Philips Hue smart lighting are endless, but the setup — whether with Bluetooth or the Bridge — is simple. Find out how Philips Hue works and how to get started with smart light.  

    Smart light — your way

    Philips Hue brings smart lighting to everyday homes, allowing anyone to create special moments and automate with light. Start with Philips Hue your way: Bluetooth or Bridge. And no worries: even if you start with a Bluetooth-controlled system, you can always add a Bridge.
    how hue works bluetooth

    Philips Hue with Bluetooth

    The easy start to smart light

    A Bluetooth-controlled system can control lights within Bluetooth range. Set the mood of a single room with any Philips Hue Bluetooth-compatible bulb and the Hue Bluetooth app, which controls up to 10 lights.
    how hue works full experience

    Philips Hue with Bridge

    Unlock the full experience

    Adding a Hue Bridge activates the built-in Zigbee network — a more advanced way to control your lights — and unlocks the full suite of smart lighting features: add up to 50 bulbs, set routines, and more.

    Bluetooth or Bridge

    Where will you start?

    Philips Hue with Bluetooth

    Philips Hue with Bridge


    Max. number of lights


    1 room


    Full home

    Yes *

    Voice control

    Installation-free dimming

    Works with Hue Dimmer Switch

    Warm-to-cool light for better ambiance **

    Light recipes for daily tasks **

    16 million colors of light ***


    Configure Hue smart accessories


    Set timers and schedules


    Away-from-home control


    Wake up and Go to sleep routines


    Sync lights with music and movies ***


    Level up your gaming with synced light ***


    * With an Amazon Alexa you can use simple voice commands such as, “Alexa, dim the lights,” to control your lights. Compatible devices include: Amazon Echo Dot 3 rd Generation, Amazon Echo Plus, Amazon Echo Show 2nd generation.

    ** With White ambiance and White and color ambiance

    *** With White and color ambiance

    Get Started

    All Bluetooth-compatible smart lights

    All smart lights and accessories

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    Set up a Bluetooth-controlled system


    With Bluetooth-compatible lights and the Hue Bluetooth app, you control the lights in one room. Remember: you can add a Bridge at any time for full-home control.

    number 1

    Install your Hue Bluetooth-compatible lights

    bridge icon

    Set up a Bridge-controlled system


    With any Hue light — including Bluetooth-compatible lights — and the Hue app, you control the lights in your entire home.

    number 1

    Install your Hue lights

    number 2

    Connect a Hue Bridge

    Get to know Hue

    Learn more about the Philips Hue smart lighting system, including the difference between controlling Bluetooth-compatible bulbs and expanding your smart lighting system with the Hue Bridge.
    Bluetooth App


    Bridge App




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