Tips on lighting up your bathroom

    7 december, 2018


    The bathroom is the place where we usually begin our morning ritual and also the place where we end our days before we transition to sleep. Yet, when renovating our home's interior, it is easy to focus on the decor of the living area, bedrooms and even kitchen, but skip giving the bathroom the attention it deserves. Fortunately, its relatively smallness and specific usage make enhancing the bathroom through lighting an easy fix.


    To assist you in this, we have compiled a list of our favorite ideas on lighting up the bathroom, which will help improve its overall feel.

    1. Employ all three types of basic lighting

    Regardless of your bathroom’s particular design, three layers of light should significantly highlight the beauty of the space.


    • Ambient lighting: the base layer of light that illuminates a space.
    • Accent lighting: light that literally highlights specific elements of the space — for instance, detailed tile work or an all-glass sink
    • Task lighting: spotlighting for specific activities such as applying makeup or shaving.


    Clearly, a single fixture is insufficient for your bathroom. For even distribution, go for a mix of ambient lighting for evenly illuminating your bathroom space, accent lighting for drawing attention to you bathroom's aesthetics, and task lighting for everyday grooming activities. See smart bathroom lighting fixtures from Philips Hue.

    Bathroom mirror with spotlights lighting above

    2. Shine a light on the tub

    The right light setting can influence the your bath experience and help you feel relaxed. Choose bathroom lighting fixtures that provide both direct and indirect light output.


    Tip: Control wirelessly the setting of your bathroom lighting with a Hue Dimmer switch to enjoy your bath in full relaxation.


    Woman relaxing in a bathtub

    3. Go shadow-free with the vanity lighting

    Add a touch of elegance with the Hue Adore Lighted Vanity Mirror which comes with a built-in ring with warm to cool white light. For side lighting, add sconces with bright LED bulbs on each side of your mirror to fully illuminate your face. You can also add overhead lighting to avoid shadows - a horizontal fixture with multiple lights above your vanity mirror will do the trick
    Philips Hue Adore vanity mirror above bathroom sink

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