How to choose lights for your backyard

    3 january, 2019


    Transforming a backyard from a simple patch of grass into an extension of your home isn't always an easy task, especially once the sun goes down. Luckily, Philips Hue helps you add a touch of personality (and style!) to even the darkest corners of your yard. Put aside the gardening gloves and wheelbarrow and learn the best way to make your backyard shine in the dark: choosing the best outdoor LED smart lighting – and its most effective location for – your space.


    First things first: focus on lighting up the parts of your yard you like the most the – the koi pond, your favorite tree, or that back flowerbed you worked so hard on. After all, you should look outside and see home, not just a yard. Also keep in mind that light can serve multiple purposes, such as showcasing a gorgeous part of your backyard while simultaneously lighting your way to help you avoid stumbling over a rock or forgotten toy. Whether you have a large yard or a smaller outdoor space, you can use Philips Hue smart outdoor LED lights to create the backyard of your dreams.

    1. Large backyards

    A large backyard has many perks but, thanks to its size, it often lacks lighting and ends up having large swaths of darkness. Try these lighting tricks to illuminate your larger outdoor space:

    Break up the darkness

    Rather than looking out the window to see a dark expanse, separate the yard large area with light. Placing spotlights along the back fence and washing it in light is a great way to show off the depth of a sizeable backyard and light up otherwise dark areas. Add a spotlight aimed up a tree toward the center of the yard to help break up the darkness between the back porch and the fence.

    Keep safety in mind

    If your backyard has stairs, water, or other potentially dangerous obstacles, lighting can help them minimize the risk of injury while walking. Place path lighting along your most-used routes to guide you from your porch to the shed, or a seating area to the back door. Path lights are meant to be on display, so choose lights that bring a touch of your home's inside decor outside.


    Tip: Smart outdoor pathway lights, such as the Calla outdoor bollard light, allow you to light up your most-used routes – and give your yard some serious personality, too. Choose from million of colors in the Hue app to paint your outside space with light.

    Bollard lamps mounted alongside pathway

    2. Small backyards

    Strategically placing outdoor smart lights in a smaller backyard helps open up the space, separates certain areas from others, and gives you the feeling of a more expansive area. Use these lighting tips for your smaller yard:

    Create depth

    Using light to create depth in a small backyard is key to giving the illusion of a bigger space. If you have a tree, use Lily spotlights to create an effect called moonlighting: place the spots high up in the branches and point them toward the ground. This washes the tree – and the ground below it – in light to pull the eye up and create the feeling of a larger area.
    Spotlight installed in bushes

    Use light in unexpected places

    Having a small outdoor space doesn't have to mean that you stick to minimal lighting. A strip light is an easy, subtle way to add light in otherwise untouched areas. Place an Outdoor Lightstrip along the edge of a flowerbed to create a fun, surprising burst of color – one of 16 milllion, to be exact – and help your small space feel bigger.

    Tip: Use the Hue app to set outdoor scenes for different situations. Set fun, bright scenes such as SoHo, to complement a festive outdoor get-together or bring the lights down to the soft, warm of Savanna Sunset to enjoy a relaxing after-work cocktail with your spouse.

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