Father’s Day gifts for each type of dad

May 28, 2020

Not all dads are alike, so get him a gift that shows you truly “get” him. Match his personality type to the perfect Philips Hue gift to expand his system (and give him an extra Father’s Day treat, too!). 

If you’re the dad — and your collection of ties is getting just too large — send your loved ones this list to give them an idea of the perfect gift for this Father’s Day.

man playing video game

Gifts for gamer dads

The gamer dad’s prized possession is his console, so get him a gift that will enhance his experience. The Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box allows him to connect any HDMI gaming console — PlayStation and Xbox included — to Philips Hue lights so that all the in-game actions come to life with light.  

If dad is more of a desktop gamer, the free Hue desktop app will let him sync color-capable Philips Hue lights around his gaming setup. As a bonus, give him time to himself — no interruptions allowed! — to game in some peace and quiet.  

Best gift for dad: Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box

Couple seated outside together looking at a phone

Gifts for outdoorsy dads

Whether they’re hiking, playing sports, or working in the backyard, the outdoorsy dad loves to be one with Mother Nature. Give him a gift that he can enjoy while enjoying his favorite place — the Philips Hue Lily XL spot light. Let him light up the yard in any of millions of colors, and then admire it from wherever he wants: through the window from the living room or while hanging out on the porch after a day in the great outdoors. 

Does Dad need help with a certain project? Have the kids (no matter the age!) pitch in, creating some memories in the meantime.  

Best gift for dad: Philips Hue Lily XL spot light 

smiling family sitting at the table eating a meal

Gifts for outgoing dads

Outgoing dads love time with friends and family, so cater to his gregarious personality by getting him a gift that amplifies the atmosphere of his next get-together. A Hue Go portable smart lamp can act as the centerpiece for an intimate dinner party, a conversation piece at a barbeque, or a soft, glowing accent lamp during movie night.  

Give him an extra treat by planning a video call on Father’s Day with his closest friends and family or having him pick the movie for family movie night.

Best gift for dad: Philips Hue Go smart lamp

man with laptop relaxing on the couch

Gifts for tech-savvy dads

This dad loves his gadgets and probably has most of the latest and greatest gear. Luckily, the Philips Hue indoor lightstrip is the perfect addition to any smart lighting setup — even if he’s already got one. He can place the lightstrip under the cabinets in the kitchen for a more functional setup, along a bookcase or hallway for cool ambient lighting, or even connect it to a lightstrip he already has in order to extend its length.

For the techy dad, it’s easy to give them an extra treat: a little time alone with his gadgets!

Best gift for dad: Philips Hue lightstrip