Valentine’s Day ideas for 3 types of couples

February 10, 2021

Organizing the perfect date for Valentine’s Day is no easy task, especially if you plan on staying at home. Use our Valentine’s Day tips to help you plan an at-home date that will be sure to make Cupid’s arrows fly — all based on the type of couple you are. 

The Homebodies

The Homebodies enjoy spending as much time as they can in the comfort of home sweet home — so instead of doing the same old, same old, plan a Valentine’s Day game night. Plan a menu of candy and snacks, grab a board game or two, and set the mood with the Flourish table lamp. Keep your app or switch handy so you can change the color to winner’s choice! 

Bright idea: Embrace your inner child and build a fort, complete with blankets, pillows, and Philips Hue. Light it up with the portable Hue Go table lamp, create a comfy place to sit, and enjoy your Valentine’s Day game night with a nostalgic twist.

couple on couch with smart lighting

The Movie Buffs

The Movie Buffs make watching their favorite flicks a priority — even on Valentine’s Day. Transform your living room into a private movie theater for two for movie date night: close the curtains, move the couch to the ideal spot (or blow up an air mattress to watch from “bed”), and make sure you have something to prop your feet up on. For an extra special touch, print out fake tickets to invite your special someone to this exclusive screening.  

Bright idea: For the most immersive movie night yet, add a Hue sync box to your setup: it makes your smart lights react to the content on your TV screen. Position Play light bars on either side of your entertainment setup, attach a Play gradient lightstrip behind the TV, and watch your lights dance, flash, dim and brighten along with the action on the screen. 

The Foodies

The Foodies take their dinner dates seriously, especially when they've got a good reason to go all out. Skip the five-star restaurant and make dinner yourselves — try something that takes a hands-on skill you can learn together for future meals, such as making pizza or pasta dough from scratch. If you really enjoy it, make it a weekly occurrence!  

Bright idea: Want to order in from your favorite restaurant? Then put your tastebuds to the test instead! Order a few extra items from the restaurant (or raid your refrigerator) to gather five different foods. Blindfold your partner and let them guess what it is they’re eating — when they guess, switch the lights to red (wrong) or green (right) to reveal their results as they take off the blindfold.