Philips Hue brings
    the spooky to light

    So smart, it's scary!

    Say "Happy Halloween" with smart light

    Ready to get started with smart lighting this Halloween? The Hue Go is a portable smart light, meaning you can take it anywhere you like. Use the Hue app for complete control or the button on the Hue Go itself to turn it on and off, cycle through special light scenes, and set it to one of 16 million colors.

    Portable and rechargeable

    16 million colors

    Control with app



    Greet your guests with hair-raising light


    Set a ghastly light scene in the Hue app — Blood Moon is perfect for Halloween — to really give trick-or-treaters a fright. Use the scene indoors for your Halloween bash, or use it on your outdoor smart lights to create an unnerving look for the big night.


    Want to see a trick? Say the word!


    Your favorite voice assistant can turn your lights on and off, dim or brighten the room, select a color, or even set a light scene1, all with a simple voice command. Set up a custom command especially for Halloween in your assistant’s settings: “Set downstairs to Fright Lights!”

    Spine-chilling lighting tips

    Find the perfect Halloween smart light to complement your creepiest decorations!

    Liven up your jack-o'-lantern


    Ditch the carving this year and opt for a decorative pumpkin instead — then bring it to life with a Hue Go placed inside!


    Create a ghastly glow

    Set up a Lightstrip in an unassuming place such as a windowsill for an unexpected burst of ominous color.

    Highlight your house


    Use Lily spot lights with dark, dim light settings to highlight your outdoor Halloween decorations.

    Expand your Philips Hue collection

      Top picks for Halloween Lights



    Discover the Hue Haunted House

    Find some ghoulish Halloween inspiration for your outdoor space2 — if you dare!
    Halloween light tricks

    5 tricks for a Halloween treat


    Forget about having the brightest house on the block this Halloween — using smart light, you can make your home the spookiest! Bewitch your trick-or-treaters and give your guests a fright by turning your home into your favorite type of Halloween haunt: a ghoulish graveyard, a witch’s den, or a monster’s mansion — all with the right indoor and outdoor Halloween lights.

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    1 Requires a Hue Bridge.
    2Some light effects shown may require a third-party app.