Where and how can I update my Hue system with the latest software?

    Open the Philips Hue app go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Software update’ and the system will automatically check if your Hue system is up to date. 
    If so, all Hue components will have a green check mark. If not, you’ll see a notification that new software is downloading. 
    You can only update your system once all Hue products have downloaded the newest software and are ready to update. 
    In case you find that the update doesn’t run and that not all Hue components have a green check mark, you can do a power cycle of the Hue bridge. 
    Unplug the Hue bridge power adapter from the mains socket for 10s, then plug it in and wait at least 30 minutes before going to ‘software update’ to try again. 

    Make sure that you’ve powered on any lights that are unreachable, or that you remove these if they are no longer in use. Be aware that it can take some time before all lamps are ready to be updated. 
    Check the release notes for the latest software versions.
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