What Philips Hue smart lights are you looking for?

Let your lights entertain you

Create immersive experiences by synchronising your Philips Hue lights with your entertainment content.

Smart lights Smarter controls

Philips Hue is not just a smart bulb, it's a smart lighting system. The smart lights, Hue Bridge, and smart controls will forever change the way you experience light.

Hue family

Meet the Philips Hue family

Philips Hue offers a wide range of smart light bulbs, lamps, fixtures and accessories. Whether it’s for your living room, your kitchen, your bathroom or your garden, Philips Hue has the perfect light.


Personal smart lighting

Philips Hue transforms your every day. It can gently wake you up in the morning, get you energised for the day ahead and even give you a warm welcome when you arrive home. Because the right light changes everything.

Latest news

Setting the mood has never been easier

Create instant ambiance using Philips Hue with Bluetooth.

Hue Sync

Create surround sound for your eyes with new Philips Hue Sync.