Colourful. Flexible. Powerful.

Create an immersive experience — along the bar, under cabinets, behind entertainment centres — with the flexibility to bend, cut, and extend Lightstrip Plus however you need.

Smart control with Hue Bridge
High light output (1,600 lumens)
Available for indoors and outdoors

Hue Lightstrips

Set the mood in your home, on your balcony or in your garden instantly with a flexible Philips Hue lightstrip.

The most flexible light

Ultimate flexibility: shape, bend, and extend
Match any mood with 16 million colour choices
Easy to install and even easier to set up

Easy to extend

Click and connect

Extend any indoor Lightstrip Plus with additional 1-metre extensions (sold separately).

Adjustable to fit all your needs

Experience the most flexible light source anywhere. Bend and shape it however you like, and use the adhesive back to attach it to any solid surface.

Indoor use

Adjustable to fit all your needs

Adjustable to fit all your needs

Outdoor use

Light up your garden

Bend around porches, wrap around trees, outline your flower garden, and more. Extendable up to 5 metres, our Lightstrip can do what no other light can.

Home sweet Hue

Home sweet Hue

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