Try Philips Hue + Spotify

We’ve been working on something big — and you can be among the first to try it out!

Intertwine light and music

It’s the first of its kind. We’ve partnered with Spotify to offer a unique lighting and music integration that links your Philips Hue and Spotify accounts, making your lights react to the Spotify music you love.

Try Philips Hue + Spotify

Be the first to experience Philips Hue + Spotify! Check the Explore tab of the Philips Hue app for the “early access” card — this will let you know your app now has the integration. Because we’re gradually rolling out Philips Hue + Spotify over September 1–10, you may not see it immediately. In the meantime, make sure you have everything you need: color-capable Philips Hue lights, a Hue Bridge, any audio device, and a Spotify account.

Get early access step 1

Step 1

In the Philips Hue app, go to Explore > and tap the button in the Philips Hue + Spotify card to enable the new Sync tab.

Get early access step 2

Step 2

Go to the new Sync tab in your Hue app and follow the on-screen instructions to link your Philips Hue and Spotify accounts.

Get early access step 3


Tap Start sync in the Sync tab and start listening to a song or playlist on any device that’s logged in to your Spotify account.

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