Security advisory

Hue Product Security Advisory

Hue is committed to customer safety and the ongoing security of our products. We allocate significant resources to identify and mitigate security vulnerabilities in the design phase of our products. In addition, we collaborate with security researchers and other users to fix and patch any identified vulnerabilities.

If you believe you have found a vulnerability please contact us via our responsible disclosure program

Hue Product Security Updates

To protect users, Hue strongly advise to keep your system up to date with the latest software and only download applications from the official iOS and Android app stores.

For information on the latest software versions on Hue Apps, Hue Bridge, Hue Accessories, Hue Lights or Hue Sync, please visit our release page.

To ensure that your Hue system is fully up to date please check the ‘Software update’ page within the official Hue application found in ‘Settings’ > ‘Software update’. We also recommend that users turn on “automatic updates” in this section to ensure the latest software is installed automatically.

Security related FAQs

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