Control smart lights with just your voice

When you connect Philips Hue lights to a smart home assistant, your lights listen for your command. Tell them what to do, and they’ll do it – look, no hands!

Voice-controlled lights make a smart home even smarter

Control a single light

Control a single light

Reading lamp not bright enough? Control any individual light in your home using its name and a simple command.

“Dim the table light”

Control one or more rooms

Control one or more rooms

Set a colour, brightness or scene in a room instantly – simply by using your voice.

“Set bedroom to Ruby Glow”

Control your entire home

Control your entire home

With voice-controlled lights, you’ll never have to make the evening rounds again.

“Turn off all the lights”

Explore Alexa

Amazon Alexa

“Alexa, set garden to Soho”

Connect any Alexa-enabled device, such as your Echo or Echo Dot, to Philips Hue to reap the benefits of smart voice-activated lights. With tons of easy-to-remember commands and endless possibilities, using your smart home assistant will become second nature.

Explore Google Assistant

The Google Assistant

“Hey Google, turn on all the lights”

With the Google Assistant, voice-activated lights are no longer a thing of the future. Use simple commands to control any of your home’s smart lights, including setting scenes, switching lights on and off, dimming and brightening, and setting the Wake-up feature, which wakes you up naturally with light.

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