Friends of Hue

Friends of Hue FAQs

Amazon Alexa

How do I connect my Hue lights to Alexa?
Can I add two Hue Bridges to Alexa?
Does Philips Hue Bluetooth work with Amazon Alexa?
What Philips Hue accessories can be added to the Alexa app?

The Google Assistant

How do I connect my Hue lights to Google Assistant?
Google Assistant doesn't understand my Hue light commands.
Does Philips Hue Bluetooth work with the Google Assistant?
My Philips Hue lights are unresponsive in the Google Home app or don’t react to my Google Assistant voice commands. What should I do?

Apple Homekit

What is Apple HomeKit?
How do I connect my Philips Hue lights to Apple Home?
My Hue Bridge cannot be found in HomeKit.
What should I do if Siri reports that some of my Philips Hue lights are not responding?
What do I need to use Philips Hue with Apple Home?
How do I connect with Apple Home & Siri with Matter in the Hue app?


How do I connect my Razer products to Philips Hue?
Does Philips Hue work with all games with which Razer Chroma is integrated?
How does Philips Hue work with Razer?
How many lights can I sync with Razer?
Is there a fee when using Razer with Philips Hue?
My Razer Synapse 3 doesn't find my Hue Bridge.
My Razer Synapse 3 doesn't find my Razer devices.
Which Razer products work with Philips Hue?


I have Philips Hue Bluetooth lights. Can I use the Philips Hue and Spotify integration?
Does the integration with Philips Hue and Spotify work with all Philips Hue products?
Which app do I use for the Philips Hue + Spotify integration?
What’s the difference between the Philips Hue + Spotify integration and third-party apps?
Can I use Philips Hue + Spotify without a Spotify account?
Do I need a Spotify Premium account to use Philips Hue + Spotify?
How can I connect Philips Hue with Spotify?
How can I get early access to Philips Hue + Spotify?
Can I sync my lights with Spotify and another Hue entertainment setup (i.e. Sync Box, Sync PC app) at the same time?
My lights don't seem to be reacting correctly to my music. What can I do to fix it?
Does Philips Hue + Spotify work when casting to other devices via the "Connect with a device" setting in the Spotify app?
Can I use voice assistants to control Philips Hue + Spotify?
Which version of the Hue app do I need to use Philips Hue + Spotify?
I connected my accounts, but my lights are not reacting to the music. What should I do?

Works With Nest

What’s happening with the “Works with Nest” features for my Philips Hue lights?


What is Matter? Where can I find more information?
How do I connect with Apple Home & Siri with Matter in the Hue app?
I control my Philips Hue smart lighting setup with Bluetooth and smart accessories. Will I be able to use Matter?
Do I need to have a certain operation system on my mobile device to use Matter?
What should I do if I want to keep or revert back to Apple Home using the Homekit Accessory Protocol (HAP) instead of Matter?
I paired my Bridge in the Apple Home app using the HomeKit Accessory Protocol (HAP), but my lights and Rooms aren't synced. What should I do?
What happens if I unlink my Apple Home (HAP) in the Philips Hue app and set it up again via Matter?
Do I need any Apple hardware products to set up Apple Home via Matter with my Philips Hue system?
Why doesn't Amazon Alexa appear in my Philips Hue app under Settings > Smart home > Linked to Hue?
Which Amazon Echo devices support Matter?
Why is my Philips Hue motion sensor called an “occupancy sensor” in the Apple Home app?
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