Philips hardware FAQs

Need help setting up your Philips Hue Secure device?

Check out our detailed step-by-step guides to get your Philips Hue Secure product set up.

Troubleshooting software

My Philips Hue app shows my camera as unreachable. What do I do?
What permissions do I need in order to add a Secure camera?
I got the message "Sorry, you don't have access to this home's Philips Hue Secure settings." What do I do?
What do I do if I'm not receiving any notifications?
I see my lights turn on when a device detects activity, but I don't receive a push notification when my home is armed. What should I do?
I armed my system and received a push notification to confirm, but my lights don't turn on according to my settings. Why is that?
I've lost administrator rights to my Philips Hue Home. What should I do?


Can I change the order of my Secure cameras in the app?
Which frame of a recorded video clip does the Philips Hue app show in the Secure dashboard?
How do I use Philips Hue Secure features with my indoor motion sensors?
How do I set up a Blackout zone?
Who can delete video clips recorded on a Secure camera?
Can I choose which advanced alerts I receive?


What is a light alarm and how does it work?
How do I stop a light alarm?
Which Philips Hue lights can I use for light alarms?
Why can't I set up a sound alarm for my Secure system?
Can I use accessories or automations to arm my Secure system?
If I call the emergency services through the Philips Hue app, will I be connected to those closest to my home or my current location?

Arming & disarming

What does arming and disarming mean?
Is there an entry or exit delay when arming the system?
Can I create an automation that will arm and disarm my Secure system automatically?
Who can deactivate a Secure alarm?
Can I arm and disarm my Secure system only for specific devices, Rooms, or a Zone?
Can I receive alerts from my Secure device when my system is not armed?


When will I receive push notifications from my Secure devices?
Do I need a Bridge to receive push notifications for my Philips Hue Secure device?
If I'm a member of multiple Philips Hue Homes, will I receive notifications from the Security Center for all of them?
Can I choose the types of notifications I receive from my Philips Hue Secure devices?
Where can I configure notifications for my Secure system?
Can different users set up different notification settings?
Will I receive notifications about security alerts if my mobile device is set to Do Not Disturb?
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