Level up your gaming with light

Hue Sync for PC

On your mark, get set, go!

Man your battle stations

Highlight and amplify your in-game actions with your smart lights. Whether you’re unlocking an achievement or beating a boss, you can experience lighting effects that correspond to what’s going on in your character’s world.

Sync it all via your computer

Using the Hue Sync desktop app isn’t only for gaming: from watching your favorite streaming service to listening to the latest chart topper, you can pair your lights with whatever is happening on your computer.

For music, movies, and TV shows

Sync it all via your computer

For music, movies, and TV shows

Sync with PC

What you need to start syncing

Hue color smart light setup with Bridge V2

All Hue White and color ambiance smart LED lights connected to the Hue Bridge V2 and set up in an entertainment area work with the Hue Sync desktop app.

Hue Sync desktop app


Pair your lights to your computer using the free Hue Sync desktop app, which allows you to sync your content and adjust the intensity, brightness, and speed of the light effects.

Get the Hue Sync desktop app

Download on the app store

Mojave (10.14) and up (x64/arm64)

Download on Windows store

Windows 10 and up (x64)

Hue Sync is only available to download on desktop

Hue Sync desktop app

Already have a Hue Bridge?

Finetune your light effects

Finetune your light effects

Adjust the intensity

Control the brightness of your lighting depending on the media type you choose.

Set the perfect scene

Use the preset light scenes from the Hue Sync desktop app to complement your Entertainment area.

Configure your preferences

Choose your performance mode, keyboard shortcuts, display preferences, and more.

Choose your own adventure

Connect Razer to your Hue lights

Your gaming setup is your domain — from the chair you sit in to the mouse you click, your battle station says a lot about you. Use the Hue Sync desktop app and your Hue smart light setup or use Razer’s Synapse tool and Razer Chroma accessories for a totally immersive gaming experience.

How to videos

Get to know Hue Entertainment

Need to know more about syncing your smart lights? We’ll point you in the right direction.

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