Philips hardware FAQs

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Troubleshooting camera

I can't add my Secure camera to my Philips Hue system. What should I do?
My Secure camera's live stream is not loading properly or my camera goes offline. What should I do?
My Philips Hue app shows my camera as unreachable. What do I do?
What should I do if my camera won’t connect to Wi-Fi during set-up? 
What permissions do I need in order to add a Secure camera?
Why can't I select my outdoor sensor in the Secure tab?
How do I reboot or restart a Secure camera?
What do the LEDs in the Secure camera indicate?
What do I do if I receive a low battery notification from my Secure camera?
What happens to my Secure camera if my Bridge stops working?
My camera keeps rebooting. What should I do?
How do I factory reset my Secure camera?
Why isn't my Secure camera turning on when it's connected to power?
I'm changing my router. Will this affect my Secure camera?
I changed my Wi-Fi password. How do I update the details on my Secure camera?
My Secure camera was stolen. What should I do?


What is the detection range of the Secure camera?
How do I update the software on my Secure camera?
Do Secure cameras have night vision?
Does the Secure camera support facial recognition?
Can I adjust the volume of the camera speaker?
Can I switch my Secure camera's night vision on and off?
Does the camera work on a 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz Wi-Fi?
What are the minimum Internet requirements for Secure cameras?
What is person detection?
What is package detection?
What is animal detection?
Are the Secure camera's advanced alerts available when it's disarmed?
Do I need a Bridge to update a Secure camera?
What does the button on my Secure camera do?
How do I get a free trial of Secure, and when does it start?
Can I change the language or voice of the Secure camera?

Battery camera

How long does it take to recharge the Philips Hue Secure battery camera?
Can the Secure battery camera operate in all weather conditions?
Does the Secure camera battery come fully charged?
Can I replace the battery of the Secure battery camera?
Can I use the Secure battery camera while it's connected to the charger?
How can I maximise the battery life of my Secure battery camera?

Contact sensor

What does the LED indicator on the Secure contact sensor mean?
Can I use the Secure contact sensor for security-related purposes as well as light control?
How do I reset the Secure contact sensor?
How should I position my Secure contact sensor?
How close does the Secure contact sensor have to be to its magnet?
Do the Secure contact sensor and its magnet have to be placed at the same height?
What type of battery does the Secure contact sensor use, and how long will it last?
What does the button on the Secure contact sensor do?
Can the Secure contact sensor be used without a Bridge?
Can I turn off or adjust the brightness of the LED indicator on the Secure contact sensor?
Is the Secure contact sensor supported by smart home assistants?
The LED indicator on my Secure contact sensor is red, but the battery is full. What's wrong?
Why did my Secure contact sensor send a notification with a potential tamper warning?
My Secure contact sensor stopped detecting if it's been opened or closed. What do I do?
What kind of surfaces can I use the adhesive tape of the Secure contact sensor on?
How should I mount my Secure contact sensor?
How close does the Secure contact sensor have to be to its magnet?
Why doesn't the Secure contact sensor detect activity if I open and close it quickly?

Camera installation and mounting

What do I need to set up a Secure camera?
How do I test my Philips Hue Secure system?
How do I set up the Secure camera?
Can I mount my Secure camera to the ceiling?
Where should I mount a Secure camera?
What low-volt power supply should I use with my Secure camera?
Can I adjust the angle of the Secure camera?
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