Transform your outdoor space with light

Discover LowVolt outdoor lights

Bringing smart light to your garden is easier than ever with our collection of low-voltage, high-impact outdoor lights.

Lily Outdoor spot light

Get the style of the Lily spot with a larger, more powerful light, still in a low-voltage fixture. Use the removable hood for a directional light effect, whether using white light or one of 16 million colors.
Lily XL Outdoor spot light
  • LED integrated
  • White and coloured light
  • Low Volt system – extension
  • Smart control with Hue Bridge*

Impress Outdoor Pedestal Light

Enjoy 16 million colors available to enhance the beauty of your yard or use it more functional for path lighting. The Impress base unit provides one light point and all cables/ power supply for you to get started. Requires Hue bridge.
Impress Outdoor Pedestal Light
  • LED integrated
  • White and color light
  • Low Volt system - base unit
  • Smart control with Hue bridge*

Watch LowVolt outdoor lights in action

Bring the convenience and flexibility of the Philips Hue smart lighting system to your entire home – including outside. Our low-voltage outdoor lights plug into any outlet (which means no complicated wiring), so you can transform your outdoor space instantly.

Amarant outdoor linear light

Easy to install and extend

The LowVolt collection was designed to make smart lighting simple: you can connect multiple lights to a single power supply unit, plug it in to any standard wall outlet and immediately start lighting your space.

Outdoor smart lighting in the garden

Bring beauty to the garden

Whether you use LowVolt or start out with standard outdoor smart lighting, you can mix and match to create a truly personalised outdoor space – and customise it for any occasion.

Couple relaxing with outdoor smart lighting set up

Smart light for any occasion

From a garden barbecue to a relaxing night on the patio, Philips Hue smart outdoor lights set the mood for any occasion with a tap in the app – or even your voice!

Explore the Philips Hue LowVolt collection

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Discover outdoor smart lighting

Install outdoor lights that connect to the Philips Hue smart lighting system and enjoy endless possibilities of bringing your outdoor to life with light.

Be welcomed home with light

Automate your lights to welcome you home. Philips Hue lights up your garden and driveway automatically when you arrive.

Feel safer with smart light

Use smart lights to make it look like you're home with light or deter unwanted guests as they approach your home.