How to hang string lights

A waterproof design and three sizes — 100 LEDs along 8 metres (26.2 feet), 250 LEDs along 20 metres (65.6 feet) and 500 LEDs along 40 metres (131.2 feet) — mean that you can use Festavia string lights almost anywhere in and outside your home. For the best effect, use these tips on how to hang string lights indoors and outdoors.

How to hang indoor string lights

You shouldn't keep them tucked away in the attic just to use them for the holidays — you can use them year-round! The bedroom is one of the best places to hang string lights indoors.

What you need

Festavia string lights (100, 250 or 500 LEDs)
Tape measure
Adhesive hooks

1. Measure the walls on which you’d like to hang the string lights to determine which size of the string lights to use.
2. Mark spots on the ceiling for the hooks. Space them closer for a straighter line. Note the location of the outlet you’ll use to plug the string lights in.
3. Attach the hooks to the ceiling.
4. Plug the string lights in.
5. Starting from the hook closest to the outlet, drape the string lights over the hooks.

How to hang string lights on a Christmas tree


Depending on how big your Christmas tree is — and how you want to use your string lights throughout the year — you may choose to use one or two 250-LED Festavia string lights or the 500 LED string lights.

If you’re not sure which size of Festavia string lights you need for a tree or pillar, here are some general guidelines with the minimum amount of lights you should use:

Lights by tree height

Shorter than 1.2 m: 100 LEDs
Up to 2.1 m: 250 LEDs
Taller than 2.1 m: 500 LEDs

Lights by pillar height (with a diameter of 10 cm)

Up to 3 m: 100 LEDs
Up to 7 m: 250 LEDs
Up to 14 m: 500 LEDs

Bright idea: Turn your string lights on before you start putting them on the tree, so you can see exactly what light effect you’ll get. Don’t forget to add them to the Philips Hue app!

For trees up to 2.1 m (7 feet)

One 250-LED string: Starting at the bottom, wrap the string light loosely around your tree. Your rows should generally be spaced around 15 cm (6 in) apart at the bottom.

For trees taller than 2.1 m (7 feet)

If you have a taller tree or just want a brighter, bolder light effect, you can use two sets of 250-LED Festavia string lights or one 500-LED string light.

Using 250-LED string lights

With two sets of 250-LED string lights, follow these steps to hang your string lights on your tree:

1. Hang the first set of string lights in your tree. Space them a little wider apart than you normally would.
2. Turn the first set of string lights to a gradient.
3. Turn your second set of string lights on to the same gradient before hanging it on the tree.
4. Place the second string in between the rows of your first string, aligning the colour of the gradient.

Hanging them at the same time won’t let you see the exact light pattern. You’ll also end up tangling your string lights — everyone’s least favourite part of decorating a tree!

Using 500-LED string lights

The 500-LED version of Festavia string lights features a unique design where the string lights split in two different directions. One string is marked “A” and the other string is marked “B.” This split was designed to make sure you get a balanced light effect. Follow these steps to hang your string lights on your tree:

1. Using string marked “A”, start wrapping the string around the tree towards the top. For the best light distribution, start slightly below the middle of the tree.
2. Using string marked “B”, wrap the string around the tree towards the bottom.

Bright idea: The power cord is long so that you can hang Festavia anywhere. But if your tree is close to your power outlet, you may have a lot of cord left over. Use the included hook-and-loop fastener, a zip tie or twist tie to gather the cord together and hide it behind the tree.

How to hang outdoor string lights


As of 2023, Festavia string lights are weatherproof, meaning you can also use them outside. They look great on porch railings and columns, especially when intertwined with garland for the holidays. If you’re planning on using the string lights with garland, wrap them around the garland before you attach it to the railing or column.

Get more ideas on decorating with outdoor string lights.

How to hang string lights on the porch

If you have a particularly long railing — or you just want to add lots of colour to the front of your home — you can lay Festavia lights end to end. Festavia string lights are part of the Low-volt collection, so you can easily connect different outdoor lights to them to create a complete smart lighting setup in your yard.

How to hang string lights on a covered patio

Festavia string lights can be wrapped both vertically and horizontally around beams and poles, so you can hang string lights on covered patios in multiple ways. Use the longest Festavia to hang all around the roof of the covered patio, either wrapped around support beams or strung with hooks.

How to hang string lights in backyards without trees

If you don’t have a covered patio or trees in your backyard, get creative with where you hang your string lights outside. For example, you could place large poles in the backyard to create a seating area that’s encircled by light. Simply attach the string lights to each pole — either wrapped around the pole vertically or just at the top using a hook — and then string them from pole to pole.

*When a bulb displays "Up to" a certain number of lumens in its specifications, it displays the maximum lumen output of the bulb. It shows how bright the bulb can get at 2700 K (White bulbs) or 4000 K (White ambiance or White and colour ambiance bulbs). Learn more about brightness