The colors of love: how to use Valentine's Day lights

23 January, 2020

What is the color of love? Many people would say red, especially on Valentine's Day, but there's more to it than that. The color you associate with love can be very personal — perhaps your first date was spent in the warm glow of candlelight, or you had a magical vacation at the beach surrounded by bright whites and ocean blues. 

Whatever color you imagine when you think of your special someone, Philips Hue smart lighting can help you decorate your home in that memorable shade for Valentine's Day.


Though your color choice is personal, there's no way around it: red is everywhere on Valentine's Day. It's a passionate, exciting color, and it can be particularly striking when used to light your home for this special occasion. 

When used as an accent color, set your smart lights to bright, vivid reds — the richness of the color in Philips Hue smart lights can truly enhance the ambiance of any room, especially when used in a fixture such as the Flourish table lamp. If you're planning on dressing up the entire room in red light for Valentine's Day, set softer shades to add just a touch of subtle romance.

Warm white

No romantic dinner is complete without the warm glow of light. With the Relax light recipe, you get the perfect color and brightness of light in which to enjoy the company of your special someone over a Valentine's Day dinner.

Handcrafted by lighting experts, the Relax light recipe helps you wind down so that you can feel even more connected to each other. Set the light fixture over your dining room table, such as the Flourish pendant, to this warm glow as soon as you set down the plates.

Couple sitting by a dining table in a warm white-lit room

Bright idea: Give your Valentine's Day light scene a special name. When it's time to set the mood for your romantic evening, you can trigger it with a voice command such as, "Set the dining room to a romantic dinner for two" — and surprise your loved one as the room instantly transforms.


True romantics can't go wrong with the sweetness of the color pink, and it's the perfect addition to movie night, especially when used as a backdrop for a lighthearted romantic comedy.

Lightstrip around your TV or underneath cabinets and bookshelves can help you truly set the mood as you settle in on the couch. If you want to ramp up the romance even further, turn smaller table lamps to magenta, peachy pink, or fuchsia.


Blue isn't normally associated with love, but it shouldn't be overlooked on Valentine's Day. Blue as a color has been said to have a calming and soothing effect, while the color as a light temperature may have a more energizing one. 

Make the best of both: create a spa in your bathroom, plunging it into deep shades of richly hued yet dim blues for a soak in the tub for two. Afterwards, to wake you out of the slumber, turn it back to the cool blue tones of daylight for a quick pick-me-up.

Couple sitting together on a sofa in a blue-lit living room

Bright idea: You don't need a special someone to enjoy the benefits of spa-like lights in your bathroom. Grab a book and a Hue Go portable smart lamp, throw on some soothing music, and give yourself a moment to relax in whatever light your heart desires — we like to use the Arctic Aurora light scene in the Hue app!

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