Smart spotlights

Whether you want to highlight a path or a favorite feature of the backyard, Philips Hue lets you put the spotlight on your home.

What is a smart spotlight?

Made to highlight specific objects or areas in a room, spotlights can be angled to shine bright light where you need it. With smart spotlights, you can get all the features of the Philips Hue system.

Do smart spotlights work with voice assistants?

Yes. Just like every other Philips Hue light, smart LED spotlights can be controlled with your voice with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri.

Are all Philips Hue spotlights LED?

All Philips Hue lights, fixtures, and bulbs are LED — including smart spotlights.

Can I control my outdoor spotlights from inside?

Yes! You can control any Philips Hue smart spotlight from the Hue app — no matter where you are in the world. You can also pair your outdoor lights to a smart accessory that you can control from inside your house.

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