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    Philips Hue products

    Top 5 products for new Hue users

    starter kits white and color ambiance

    1. Starter Kits White & Color Ambiance


    Add ambient color to any room with the Philips Hue White and color ambiance starter kit.


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    starter kits white

    2. Starter Kits White


    Get your smart lighting system started with the Philips Hue Starter kit, which includes two smart bulbs with white light and the Hue Bridge for complete, custom control over your home lighting.


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    starter kit whiteambiance

    3. Starter Kits White Ambiance


    Enjoy relaxing and energizing scenes or create your own routines right out of the box with the Hue White ambiance starter kit.


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    wireless dimming kit

    4. Wireless Dimming Kit


    Get started with the Philips Hue wireless dimming kit and enjoy smooth wireless dimming. It works out of the box. Control the bulb with the included dimmer switch, or connect everything to the Hue bridge for control from your smart device.


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    light recipe kit

    5. Light Recipe Kit


    Get started with the Philips Hue Light Recipe Kit. You can cycle through four preset light recipes and enjoy wireless dimming. Connect everything to the Hue bridge to unlock the smart features.


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    Top 5 products for existing Hue users

    Already have a Hue Bridge? Discover these products to expand your Hue system.

    dimmer switch

    1. Dimmer Switch


    Control and dim your lights with a Hue dimmer switch. It attaches easily to walls with the included adhesive and can be removed from the magnetic base to use as a remote control.


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    2. Indoor Lightstrips


    Bring brilliantly colored light to any area of your home with the flexible Lightstrip. Unlike other strip lighting options, the Lightstrip can be paired with a Hue Bridge to offer a full suite of smart lighting control and features.


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    motion sensor

    3. Motion sensor (outdoor)


    Control your outdoor lights automatically by adding a wireless Philips Hue Outdoor sensor to your system. Simply walk by to trigger your lights.


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    hue outdoor calla

    4. Hue Outdoor Calla


    Simply plug in and enjoy the 16 million colors available to enhance the beauty of your garden or use it more functional for path lighting.


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    hue play

    5. Hue Play


    Place your two Play light bars anywhere to give you beautiful ambient lighting. Lay them both flat, mount them behind your TV, or stand them upright.


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