How should I position wall lights?

When installing wall lights in your space, first choose the walls on which you want to hang the lights. Measure the wall’s height and width and determine the center. Hang the lights around eye level to reduce glare, and position them along the wall at equal distances. 

Height of living room wall lights

When installing your wall lights, take into account the height at which you hang them. While placing lights about 5.5 feet from the floor puts them at a pleasant eye level for most people, there are some exceptions to this rule. If you have very high ceilings (or are below or above the average height), you may want to position them a bit higher or lower to avoid being able to see any exposed bulbs or wires. 

Positioning living room wall lights

Though wall lights look great as a single addition to your space, hanging a pair of them can bring symmetry and a sense of balance to the room. If you have two lights, place them at equal distances from the edges of your wall, about a third of the way toward the center. For more than two lights, spread them across the wall at equal distances. 

New to hanging fixtures? Place a piece of tape on the back of your fixture, and then mark where the holes for the screws are. Stick the tape to the wall, make sure the holes are level, and drill at the places you marked!

*When a bulb displays "Up to" a certain number of lumens in its specifications, it displays the maximum lumen output of the bulb. It shows how bright the bulb can get at 2700 K (White bulbs) or 4000 K (White ambiance or White and color ambiance bulbs). Learn more about brightness