Smart light starter kits

Get exactly what you need to set up a Philips Hue smart lighting system in your home. Featuring a Hue Bridge, bulbs, and a variety of smart accessories, these starter kits let you set your system up the way you like.

What is a smart light starter kit?

These smart light kits feature smart LED bulbs, a Hue Bridge, and a variety of smart accessories to help you set up a smart lighting system easily.

How to set up smart lights

Simply screw in your light bulbs, plug in the Hue Bridge to your Wi-Fi router, and download the Hue app. Add your lights to your system and you're ready to go!

Which smart light starter kit should I get?

It depends on what type of fixtures you have and where you will use your lights. A starter kit with a dimmer switch is especially handy in the bedroom, for example.

Learn about smart light starter kits

Smart lighting explained

Before you install your first smart light starter kit, get to know the basics of smart lighting and how it works.