Smart light accessories

Trigger your lights with motion. Set a scene with the push of a button. Smart accessories don't just make smart lights smarter — they make life easier.

What are the best smart light accessories?

It depends! Everyone's smart light setup is different — you may need a dimmer switch for the bedroom or a smart button for the kitchen. No matter what smart light accessories you choose, they integrate with your Philips Hue system seamlessly.

What is the Hue Bridge?

Our smart lighting hub, the Hue Bridge is the brains behind your lights. It uses Zigbee — a fast, reliable way to control your lights. It also unlocks the full suite of smart lighting features, including away-from-home control and routines.

What can you do with a smart motion sensor?

Philips Hue motion sensors turn on your lights to any settings you'd like. The Hue motion sensor also has three timeslots so you can customize your settings based on the time of the day.

How do you use a smart light switch?

Mount it to the wall — or use it as a remote control. Since our smart light switches are wireless, you can place them wherever you like.

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