Philips Hue outdoor power supply units

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Philips Hue Outdoor Power Supply Unit

Your safety is our priority

After extensive testing, we’ve discovered that in very rare cases, some Philips Hue 20 W and 40 W outdoor power supply units (PSU) may become damaged due to water leakage, which could cause a short circuit and result in an electrically live PSU.  In wet conditions, this could potentially lead to an electric shock if touched or pose a risk of fire to the surrounding materials. 

These PSUs were shipped with base packs of the following product families or sold separately between 2018 and 2021:

Philips Hue Outdoor Lily Spot light

Lily spot lights

Philips Hue Outdoor Lily XL Spot light

Lily XL spot light

Philips Hue Outdoor Calla pedestal light

Calla pedestal light

Philips Hue Outdoor Econic pedestal lights

Econic pedestal lights

Philips Hue Outdoor Impress pedestal lights

Impress pedestal lights

Philips Hue Outdoor Calla Large pedestal light

Calla Large pedestal light

Outdoor 40W power supply

Outdoor 40W power supply

Lightstrip Outdoor 5m

Lightstrip Outdoor 5m

Lightstrip Outdoor 5m

Lightstrip Outdoor 2m

To ensure that you feel safe when using Philips Hue products, we’re launching a replacement program for those with affected PSUs. To avoid any risks, we advise consumers in case of product failure to first switch off the power before touching the power supply unit.

Is my power supply unit affected?

To check if your PSU is eligible for replacement, please first unplug the product or switch off its power. On the front of the PSU, you will see a four-digit production code: it is formatted YYWW, where “Y” refers to the year and “W” refers to the week. All products before and including week 41 of the year 2019 are potentially affected. You may have an affected PSU if the first two digits (i.e. the year) are below 19 or both of the following are true:

  • The first two digits of the code are 19
  • The last two digits of the code are 41 or below

For example, a PSU with the code 1835 is affected, while a PSU with the code 2005 is not.

How do I get a new power supply unit free of charge?

Fill in the form linked below. Please include a picture of the front of the power supply unit, where the four-digit production code and part number are clearly visible. 

Please include a picture of the front of the power supply unit, where the four-digit production code is clearly visible.

Philips Hue Outdoor AC/DC LED Power Supply EU
Philips Hue Outdoor LED Driver US
PSU Label

If you have any questions or need to replace more than three power supply units, please contact us directly.

*When a bulb displays "Up to" a certain number of lumens in its specifications, it displays the maximum lumen output of the bulb. It shows how bright the bulb can get at 2700 K (White bulbs) or 4000 K (White ambiance or White and color ambiance bulbs). Learn more about brightness