Top 5 romantic lighting ideas for Valentine’s Day

4 February, 2019

You've got the flowers, the good, and the gift — the only thing you're missing is the mood. On Valentine's Day, setting the right tone for the evening means more than turning down the lights and scattering rose petals. There's a far easier (and more romantic!) way to make your partner swoon: personalized smart Valentine lights with Philips Hue.

1. Get the glow of romantic candlelight (without the candles)  

The dancing flames of candlelight have always been associated with romance, but lighting dozens of candles in your home is not entirely safe if you leave them unattended. Instead, use the Candlelight romance formula to get the romantic effect without the hazard. This dynamic formula, available via Hue Labs on your Hue app or via your Hue account online, mimics candlelight with a gentle, flickering glow using ambient smart lighting products such as the White ambiance and White and color ambiance starter kits. 

Best yet: if your house is outfitted with Philips Hue, you can have candlelight in every single room.

Woman adjusting lights in the living room from her phone

Tip: If Candlelight romance isn't quite the mood you're going after, Hue Labs features other special formulas for Valentine lights, including 'Get romantic' and 'Sweet hearts', handcrafted to bring some serious romance.

2. Recreate your favorite memory with Valentine's lights

You can use a preset scene in the Hue app to bring the amour — 'Tropical twilight' and 'Ruby glow' are particularly well suited to romance — but you can also create a scene that holds a special meaning to you as a couple. If you have a photo of one of your most treasured moments with your partner, such as your first date, a picnic in the park, or an annual trip you take to the beach, create a custom scene using a photo from your special day.

Tip: Kick it up a notch and recreate the entire memory! Have a picnic inside on your living room floor or set up some beach chair — and soak up the "sun".

3. Make some movie night magic

Dinner and a movie make up the quintessential date, but Valentine's Day deserves something a little more special. Cook your partner dinner (or, if you're not quite skilled in the kitchen, order their favorite takeout) and bring them to a cinema — one that is conveniently right in your own home, that is.

Philips Hue lets you create the perfect theatre atmosphere wherever you'd like to enjoy your entertainment, whether you're cozied up on the couch or lounging in bed. Set a scene in the Hue app that perfectly complements your movie — you can place two Hue Play bars on the TV stand to act as accent lighting or, for a more dramatic effect, place two Signe floor lamps beside the television.

Tip: Use the Hue Sync app to bring you entertainment to life. It syncs your content to your lights, creating an immersive experience that you can't even get at the theatre.

4. Set a special welcome home

Greet your loved one at the door with special outdoor Valentine lights — Philips hue, after all, gives you the warmest welcome home! If you have outdoor smart lights, set them to turn on dimmer than your usual setting. You can also use Philips Hue's variety of color-capable outdoor lights to cast shades of red and pink as your partner reaches the door. Need help deciding which color to go for? Read our guide on the colors of love to light up Valentine's Day with.

Couple sitting together in a pink-lit garden

Use an Outdoor sensor to ensure that your partner gets their glamorous greeting at the right time. With a sensor, you can continue setting up inside without having to wait for your other half to arrive.

Tip: Not at home on Valentine's Day? Use Philips Hue's away-from-home control to send a little love message with light. Flash the lights red to say, "I love you!" and purple to say "I miss you!".

5. Have a spa day at home

Going to the spa is a great way to relax and bond with each other, so turn your home into your own personal spa to create and even more intimate Valentine's Day experience. Hire a masseuse to come and provide a couples' massage or you can take matters into your own hands, complemented by soothing music. One of the most important aspects is the lighting — you need soft, subtle and warm tones to ensure you're relaxed.

Tip: Grab a Hue Go and use it to accent your spa stations. Start with it in the living room while you're getting a massage, and then bring it to the bathroom for your steamy shower or soak in the tub.

Hue Go placed next to a bathtub