• Works in every home
  • Get instant alerts
  • Easy to install anywhere
A Secure contact sensor installed on a window frame

Place it anywhere

Attach the Secure contact sensor to almost any door or window frame using screws (not included) or the adhesive backing. You can even mount it on other surfaces, such as a safe or cabinet.

A hand installing a Secure contact sensor on a window frame

Easy to set up

Thanks to its design, you can place the magnet on either side (or on top!) of the sensor. Once in place, set up in the Hue app is simple — just add and customize it any way you like.

Black and white Secure contact sensor on a white background

Available in black or white

Like every Philips Hue product, the Secure contact sensor was designed with style in mind. Its sleek look blends in with any home decor and comes in your choice of black or white.

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