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Hue Bridge: unlock the full power of smart lighting


What is the Hue Bridge?

The Hue Bridge is the smart light hub for Philips Hue. It is the heart of your system, managing all your smart LED lights and storing your customized settings — and giving you full control over your smart lights via the Hue app.

The Hue app + Hue Bridge: a powerful combination

Control lights in your entire home and outdoor space

Set up smart accessories

Create smart light routines

Sync light with movies, music, and games

Automated light makes it look like you’re home

Lights turn on automatically as you arrive

Control smart lights with your voice

Pair your Hue lights with your smart home assistant via the Hue Bridge app to make your smart lights even smarter — they’ll do as they’re told!

Bridge required

The Philips Hue Bridge app

Philips Hue Bridge app screen
  • Connect up to 50 LED lights
  • Control your lights while away from home
  • Create Rooms and Zones
  • Set up smart accessories

Extend your reach with a Hue Bridge

Your personal smart light network

Add a Hue Bridge to your Philips Hue smart lighting system to expand your range of control. The Bridge uses your Hue bulbs as stepping stones for its Zigbee network, allowing you to add more lights to even the furthest corners of your home. 

Convenient and secure smart light

Works without internet
Control your Hue lights at home, even if your internet connection is down.
Fast and secure
Get a lightning-fast response to your commands and a secure, private connection.
Smart home partner integration
Pair your lights to any smart home assistant.
Always up to date
Automatic over-the-air updates keep your smart light system current.
Hue family nam

Meet the family

Philips Hue is more than just smart LED light bulbs — it’s an entire smart lighting system, complete with modern and traditional light fixtures, smart accessories to control your lights, and more.

Get to know Hue

Learn more about the Philips Hue smart lighting system, including the difference between Bluetooth and Bridge.

How Hue works

Voice control

Bridge FAQ


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