The new Philips Hue app

Rebuilt from the ground up, the all-new Philips Hue app has been designed as a foundation for the future of smart lighting. This is the new Philips Hue experience.

Explore Hue app an phone screen

New design, new experience

Featuring a more intuitive interface that reflects the way you want to use your smart lights, the new app offers faster performance and a sleeker feel.

Hue Bridge car features

Packed with features

Get easier access to light scenes. Let everyone in the house trigger Home and away automations. With these features and more, you have ultimate control.

Improved performance of Explore Hue app

Improved performance

New technologies have improved the app’s performance and speed, while also delivering an easier to use, more robust user experience.

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Organizing rooms and zones with the Philips Hue app

Organize Rooms and Zones

Grouping your lights into Rooms and Zones lets you control lights as you need them. Separate upstairs bedrooms into Rooms, then create a Zone to control the entire floor.

Using the Philips Hue app is more intuitive than ever

More intuitive than ever

The simplified user interface creates a seamless experience, letting you set scenes, dim and brighten, and toggle lights on and off from the same screen.

Switch between Hue Bridges

Switch between Hue Bridges

Have more than one Hue Bridge? No problem! You can easily switch between them by tapping the Hue Bridge icon in the Home tab.

Hue scene gallery: personal, professional lighting

The Hue scene gallery gives you easy access to the full library of light scenes. Browse popular scenes such as Arctic aurora and Savanna sunset, as well as other favorites including Emerald isle and Ocean dawn.  

Setting scenes on Bridge app on smartphone

Crafted by lighting experts

Each light scene in the Hue scene gallery has been specially created by lighting designers. Bring professional lighting into your own home — all with the Hue app.

Setting scenes using Bridge app on smartphone

One screen, all scenes

Access every light scene from the Hue scene gallery in a single screen, and set them in any Room or Zone with a single tap.

Create your own scene with the Hue Bridge app

Create your own scene

Personalize your lighting using your own pictures or custom colors and brightness — and then save these scenes to use at any time.

Personalize with automations

The new Automations tab replaces Routines, offering more flexibility in customizing the way you use your lights. With a design that displays all your automations at once, you get a better overview of your smart home.

Creating personal routine automations with Bridge smartphone app

Create a personal routine

Set your lights to turn on and off at custom times or at sunrise and sunset: dim them at dinnertime, and brighten them when you brush your teeth. 

Use the Bridge app to sleep and wake naturally with Hue lights

Sleep and wake naturally

Dim the lights as you drift off to sleep, and awaken to gently brightening light instead of a jarring alarm clock — just set a Wake up or Go to sleep automation.

Setting location-based automations with Bridge smartphone app

Home and away

With multi-user geofencing, you can trigger Coming home and Leaving home automations with multiple people. Someone home? The app knows to keep the lights on.

Design your Entertainment area

In a pseudo-3D space, you can customize your Entertainment area by changing the location and height of the lights in the room — and watch them light up in real life.

Works with Philips Hue

The Hue app integrates seamlessly with popular smart home platforms, letting you use your favorite smart devices together. 

Apple HomeKit app feature


Set up your lights in the Hue app and have them automatically sync with HomeKit for easier integration and control.

Shortcuts app feature


Control your lights from your iPhone’s Home Screen with a widget, which houses smart lighting shortcuts created in the Shortcuts app.

Graphic showing Android widgets

Android widgets

Use widgets to get instant control of your lights from the home screen of your Android phone. It’s the fastest way to set your favorite scene!

Get to know Hue

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