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Back to school? Lighten up with Philips Hue!

Get back to your everyday routine

Philips Hue helps you through the day

back to school

Get ready for bed

Prepare for the first day of school — no more staying up past your bedtime! — and get back into your regular sleep schedule with the help of Philips Hue smart lighting. Turn your lights down low before bed to help you calm your body and mind for a good night’s rest.

get ready for bed

Get energized in the morning

Stop shuffling into a dark kitchen to prepare that much-needed morning coffee. Philips Hue can brighten up your home for easier mornings. Use the cool blue tones of the Energize light recipe to add pep to your step before school or work.

Get your homework done

Get your homework done

Are your kids having trouble climbing that mountain of homework? Help them focus on their latest essay, cram for their next math quiz, or put the finishing touches on a science project with the bright and cool Concentrate light recipe.

Get some quality family time

Get some quality family time

After a day at work or school, it’s tempting to plop down on the couch, turn on the TV, and eat dinner. Bring your family together with a meal at the dinner table — under the right light, of course — to share your day with the ones you love.

Get a moment of peace

Get a moment of peace

When the kids have gone to bed, it’s time for the adults to have their own after-school (and after-work) ritual. Philips Hue can create the best atmosphere in which to wind down after a long day of family responsibilities.

See smart light in action

Whether it’s helping you wake up or work, smart light supports you throughout your day.


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Get back to your routine

5 tips for a better back-to-school season

Get back to your routine

Saying so long to summer is bittersweet, but getting back to the daily grind doesn’t have to be a drag. Don’t let the sun set on your summer fun by easing your transition into your regular daily routine. Find out how you can get back into the groove with Philips Hue smart light.

*When a bulb displays "Up to" a certain number of lumens in its specifications, it displays the maximum lumen output of the bulb. It shows how bright the bulb can get at 2700 K (White bulbs) or 4000 K (White ambiance or White and color ambiance bulbs). Learn more about brightness