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Festive tips and gift ideas for a bright Christmas

Transforming your home into a winter wonderland using smart Christmas lights has never been easier. Here are some top tips and picks to help you create a colorful Christmas atmosphere around your home.

Christmas presents illuminated by a Hue Go portable light.

Go portable light

Make the haul of Christmas gifts under the tree even more tantalizing by nestling a Go portable light among them. Angle the light up through the branches to add a colorful touch to your tree’s decorations.

A living room decorated for Christmas with a Christmas tree and a garland behind the TV.

Sync box

Whether you’re settling into a Christmas movie or binging on your favorite festive music videos, surround lighting gives you the ultimate experience. Connect your TV to a Hue sync box and your smart lights react to all the on-screen action.

A smart plug and Christmas lights.

Smart plug

Want to control the lights on your Christmas tree without having to crawl underneath it? Connect your string lights to a smart plug and control them with the Philips Hue app. You can even set a timer for the smart plug, so your tree lights turn on at your preferred time.

An Iris table lamp highlighting some Christmas decorations.

Iris table lamp

Sophisticated and stylish, the Iris table lamp is perfect for highlighting your Christmas decorations. Angle it at your tiny Christmas village or let it wash colorful light over your favorite festive ornaments.  

A Lily spot light

Lily spot light

Light up your yard for an extra-festive welcome with color-capable outdoor Lily spot lights. Why not choose from one of the special Christmas scenes in the Hue app? The Golden star scene will splash your front door with festive red and gold light.

A Philips Hue Play light bar between a TV and a Christmas tree

Christmas gift ideas

Check out the Philips Hue blog for more Christmas gift ideas for your family and friends. From smart bulbs and lamps to starter kits and accessories, there’s a bright Hue gift for everyone.

Want extra Christmas cheer?

See how you can bring your cherished Christmas movies to life with colorful surround lighting and learn how to use smart lights to make your home feel extra-festive this year.

Get some gift inspiration!

Whether you’re treating your family and friends or just yourself, the Philips Hue range of smart lights and accessories has something for everyone this Christmas.