Old-school cool meets modern-life smarts

    Create a cozy glow, showcase vintage style and enjoy smart lighting control with Hue filament smart bulbs. Hue filament bulbs are enabled with both Bluetooth® and Zigbee technology.


    Hue Filament smart bulbs


    Bluetooth® and Zigbee Enabled

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    A19 Filament

    Bluetooth® and Zigbee Enabled

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    Bluetooth® and Zigbee Enabled

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    The smart bulb,
    dressed to impress


    With a design that mimics the vintage style of an Edison bulb, the Hue Filament collection adds class to any space in your home. Whether in a wall fixture, hung bare from the ceiling, or simply placed into your favorite lamp, these LED bulbs are just as smart as they are sophisticated.

    Create an atmosphere of elegance
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    Create an atmosphere of elegance

    With dimmable warm white light and full wireless control, each smart LED bulb provides a gorgeous glow that can make a statement in any room. 
    Easy installation
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    Get a luxurious look

    Capture an authentic antique vibe or work that industrial-chic magic. Hue Filament smart bulbs add smarts and style to any room.
    So smart, it's simple
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    So smart, it’s simple

    Control your Hue Filament smart bulbs with the Hue Bluetooth app, or use your favorite voice assistant. When you are ready to expand to more cool features, just add the Hue Bridge hub for even more control and flexibility. 

    Filament bulbs set the mood

    Style your home

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    Romantic dinner

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    Filament LED bulbs

    Make the most of vintage lighting

    You’ve seen filaments bulbs on interior design blogs, magazines, social media, and on TV. Now, you can create this look in your home with your Hue smart lighting system. Visit the Hue Blog to learn more about these vintage-inspired filament bulbs and how to use them.