Works with Nest has changed

25 November, 2019

Starting September 2019, Google made changes to the Works with Nest program. Your current Philips Hue connections and integrations will continue working with an existing Nest account. However, you will not be able to connect any new Philips Hue devices with your Nest account. 

If you choose to transition to a Google Account, you will be able to control your lights via the Google Assistant and gain access to new features. You might be prompted to update your Nest account to a Google Account. Before you do, please take note this will disconnect your current Works with Nest integrations, including Philips Hue. The migration is not reversible. We'd like to clarify the two options you have:

Option 1: Keep your Nest account

If you're still actively using Works with Nest with Philips Hue, we suggest keeping your Nest account until the functionality is available on the Works with Google Assistant platform. The deeper integrations with Nest devices — including flashing your lights when the smoke detector goes off and turning lights on or off based on your home and away status, for example — are not yet available via Google Assistant.

Woman walking up to house door with outdoor wall lights on

As long as you don't migrate your Nest account to a Google Account, your existing Works with Nest integrations will continue to work. To learn more about Google's updates to Works with Nest, read Google's blog post.

Option 2: Change to a Google account

If you decide to migrate to a Google account, your Philips Hue lights will work with your Nest products via the Google Assistant. You will be able to turn the lights on and off, adjust dimming, change colors, and more. 

One of the most popular Works with Nest features is to automatically trigger routines based on home or away status. Google is working on bringing that functionality to the Google Assistant along with more device options for you to choose from. Learn more about what's coming to the Google Assistant by reading Better privacy and more flexibility with Nest devices post.

Man walking towards house with outdoor smart lighting turned on

It is not possible to undo the migration and revert to a Nest account, so it is very important to understand what will happen once you migrate to Google. For more information about switching to a Google account, please check out this Google blog post.

What functionality will be available and when?

Unfortunately, there isn't a date when every feature will be available with a Google account. For now, we recommend reading more information about making the switch to a Google account and make the decision that is best for you.

We're working closely together with Google to continue to bring you the best experience. We recommend keeping an eye on the Google blog for the latest updates.

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