• Works in every home
  • No wires, mount anywhere
  • Easy to install yourself

Small and smart

Handy smart switches give you immediate control of your lights throughout your home.

Expertly designed, easy to use

Wireless and effortlessly installed, smart light switches were made to make smart lighting simple.

Easy to use switches

One-click control

No need to navigate through the app — just one push controls your lights.

Switches are wireless

Control your way

Philips Hue accessories are versatile: set up, program, and use exactly how you want. 

Personalize in the Hue app

Easily select preset light scenes or customize your switch's settings to match the time of day.

Controlling Switches with app
Dimmer holder

Dim and brighten instantly

Our smart switches install in seconds without the need to rewire, letting you dim and brighten your lights right out of the box. 

Where to use smart switches

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