Hue Sync TV app

Philips Hue Sync TV app screen on TV in living room

For Samsung TVs

Sync the lights in your home theater to anything you watch on your Samsung TV — no matter how you play it.1 

Smart TV screen with streaming apps and movies

Sync with movies and shows

The Hue Sync TV app works with native smart apps such as Netflix and Disney+, HDMI devices, and set-top boxes. In short: anything you watch on your screen.

TV playing a racing game in living room with pink and red lights

Sync with video games

Whether you use a gaming console or the Samsung Gaming Hub, you can sync your lights to every game you play. Play up your power ups. Enhance every battle. All in a wash of reactive light.

Couple sitting on couch watching TV with red, orange, yellow lights

Seamless light syncing  

Watch your lights react to the content on your screen — no lag, no delay. Just instant surround lighting.

Philips Hue Sync TV app screen on TV in living room

Personalise the experience  

Customise the way your lights react. Change the intensity, adjust the brightness, and more.

Get started with the Hue Sync TV app

Check your TV compatibility

The Hue Sync TV app is available on almost all 2022 or newer 60 Hz and 120 Hz Samsung TVs.

Set up your Philips Hue system

You’ll need a Hue Bridge and colour-capable Philips Hue lights, set up in an Entertainment area in your Hue app.

Buy the Hue Sync TV app

Download and buy the Hue Sync TV app and connect it to your Philips Hue smart lighting system.

TV hanging on wall in living room surrounded by colourful lights


Known for their electronics and the SmartThings smart home platform, Samsung offers a wide variety of products for the modern smart home.

Questions & Answers

1 Available on 2022 and newer Samsung QLED TVs in the Q60 or higher range (support for Q700 coming soon). If your TV supports the Hue Sync TV app, it will appear when you search for it in Apps. Alternatively, check the product specifications of your TV model on