5 tips for a better back-to-school season

8 August 2019

Saying so long to summer is bittersweet — who doesn't love a good holiday? — but getting back to the daily grind doesn't have to be a drag. Don't let the sun set on your summer fun by easing your transition into your regular daily routine. We have these tips from Philips Hue lighting experts to get back into the swing of things.

1. Plan ahead for the change

Start easing your kids back into their regular routines at least a month before their first school day. Use a gradual approach, moving bedtime up in 15-minute increments over the course of a few weeks. This will help them get a full night's rest — even if they wake up early for school. Using this method may help them adjust their sleep schedule more easily and get used to those early morning alarms.

No kid wants to hear "It's time for bed!". Instead of saying those dreaded words, signal bedtime with light. Set a routine that turns the lights to a low, warm glow two hours before bedtime so that the kids know it's time to settle down.

Children talking and sitting next to a sofa

Bright idea: Use a Philips Hue Go to enable a go-to sleep routine, which slowly dims the lights in your kids' bedrooms until they're off, helping to lull the little ones to sleep.

2. Get your body (and mind!) ready for the day

Shuffling into a darkened kitchen and struggling to prepare a much-needed morning coffee is a routine with which many of us are familiar. But it might not be the most efficient way to wake yourself up — the right light, such as the Energise light recipe, can be. With its bright, cool setting perfectly suited to a kitchen light such as the Ascend pendant — this scene sets the stage for a productive day.

Family having breakfast together around dining table

Bright idea: Establish a family morning exercise routine to get the blood flowing! It doesn't have to be long — just a minute or two will do. Try planning out special exercises based on the day of the week to make it more fun, such as March-in-Place Mondays, Toe-Touch Tuesday, Walkabout Wednesdays, Throw-a-Ball Thursdays, and Freestyle Fridays (where anything goes!)..

3. Create a conducive homework environment

Kids' bedrooms and living rooms are often a place to play or relax, so creating a dedicated space solely for your children to do their homework can help them focus and feel motivated. Let them decorate it the way they want, with drawings, photos and knickknacks that they've selected. Make sure they have everything they need, too: have a supply station that contains pencils, pens, markers, tape, safety scissors, and anything else they may need to complete their assignments.

Father helping daughter with school homework

Bright idea: The Concentrate light recipe, with its soft cool setting, helps kids focus on the task at hand — no distractions! The Hue Go — even at its brightest, coolest setting — provides a soft, gentle light.

4. Get together for family dinner

Everyone wants to kick off their shoes and eat dinner in front of the TV at the end of a busy day, but sitting down at the table for a meal unites the family and allows everyone a chance to catch up, speak their mind, and talk about their days. Make the dinner table more inviting by setting the right light — not too bright and not too dim — with a fixture, such as the Devote pendant, which not only provides dimmable light but also custom light temperatures. Make it a family decision: take a pool to choose the light for the evening meal!

Family having dinner together

Bright idea: If you're cooking a meal, invite the kids to help out. It is a great way to encourage your kids to help while teaching them a new skill — and it is perfect opportunity for some family bonding.

5. Set time aside for the adults

As a parent, there's always something you "should" be doing: mopping the floor, folding laundry, doing the dishes, and a million other household chores that never seem to cease. While you still need to do all those things, there's one other chore that should never be overlooked — taking care of yourself. Set aside the time you need to relax, recharge and unwind. Whether that's curling up with a good book, snuggling under the blanket while watching your favourite show or simply enjoying the peace and quiet, the adults need to remember to put themselves first — at least for a moment.

Couple sitting on a sofa talking

Bright idea: The Relax light recipe, available immediately when you use a White Ambiance Starter kit, is the perfect setting to help you wind down before bedtime, helping to quell any anxiety you may feel about your upcoming tasks, appointments, projects, and that never-ending to-do list.

*When a bulb displays "Up to" a certain number of lumens in its specifications, it displays the maximum lumen output of the bulb. It shows how bright the bulb can get at 2700 K (White bulbs) or 4000 K (White ambiance or White and colour ambiance bulbs). Learn more about brightness