• Works in every home
  • Away-from-home control
  • Easy to install yourself

The smart lighting hub

Connect the Hue Bridge to your router and control the smart lights in every room by voice or app.

Get access to all app features

Use your own photos to create personal mood lighting, install Hue Labs formulas and control your lights when you’re away from home.

Hue app functionality with Bridge

Next-level light control

Use voice control or a smartwatch to activate lights and scenes. Personalise the settings of smart accessories such as the Hue dimmer switch or Hue motion sensors.

Voice-control activation

Control your way

Use a Hue app, your voice or smart accessories to control your set-up.

Automated lighting

Program your lights to turn on as you near home, use Wake up and Go to sleep routines, and customise your lights’ response to a power cut.

Automated lighting functionality
Zigbee icon

Fast and reliable

With Zigbee technology, you're always up to date with the latest functionalities. As you add lights, each one becomes a repeater of the Zigbee signal, extending the range of your entire system. Best yet? Your lights continue to work even if your Internet is down.

Hue Bridge works with all lights

Works with all Hue lights

Control all your indoor and outdoor lights in the same app. All Philips Hue lights, including Bluetooth-capable ones, work seamlessly with the Hue Bridge.

Where to place the Hue Bridge

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