Shine a spotlight on Dad this Father’s Day

6 June 2019

Whenever they need a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on, or just some simple fatherly advice, the kids can always count on Dad to be there — even when they’re adults. This Father’s Day, instead of just saying the words, “Thanks, Dad”, give him something to show the whole family’s appreciation instead.

Dad rallies the troops in the morning

Waking up early in the morning and getting everyone ready and out the door on time is no small task — but Dad does it with a smile on his face. Make his mornings a little bit easier with a White and Colour Ambiance starter kit, which is the best way to get him started with smart lighting.

Man using starter kit

The Starter kit allows him to set Wake up routines for himself and for the kids, letting everyone wake up gradually with light instead of blaring alarms — creating a more peaceful and positive start to the day. It also offers the Energise light recipe, a bright and cool light setting that gets everyone up and at it each day with just the right amount of energy. 

Bright idea: Hue smart lighting also offers voice control, making mornings even easier on any parent. Instead of fumbling for the light switch, he can simply say, “Turn on Energise in the kitchen” to his phone or smart home assistant, such as Amazon Alexa, the Google Assistant, or Apple HomeKit. Not only will a voice command instantly turn on the lights, but it will tune them to the right colour and brightness.

He makes silly Dad jokes

What did one light bulb say to the other? You’re delightful! 

Even if you’ve heard it ten times before, dad jokes are undeniably funny. What makes these quick one-liners and puns so special is that Dad is just trying to get the kids to laugh. The next time he cracks a joke, hold back your groans and let him take the spotlight as the family’s personal comedian.  

Smart lights can also be the prop in his next comedy routine or practical joke. He can control the lights from his phone or other mobile device, making them flip on and off or change colours while an unsuspecting family member is left wondering what’s going on.

He can fix anything

Dads can fix whatever needs fixing, from Mum’s transmission to broken teenage hearts. We often take his skills for granted and expect that these things will eventually be good as new. 

Make sure that Dad knows his Mr. Fix-It skills are appreciated by giving himself something more fun to tinker with instead: smart lighting. Philips Hue smart lighting is effortless to install, so Dad will have a blast arranging his smart home lighting system and placing Hue Motion sensors and Lightstrips in just the right places. If he has a man cave, he can fully outfit this space with the lighting he wants.

Helps you concentrate

When the kids are having trouble with a book report or calculus, Dad is there to help — even if it’s just by making sure that the atmosphere is suitable for a night of studying. The White and Colour Ambiance Starter Kit allow Dad to use the Concentrate light recipe: a handcrafted scene of cool, bright light that’s at just the right levels for kids to do their homework.

Father and daughter working on school homework

With the official Hue app, he can get the most out of his smart lighting. The four light recipes and preset light scenes are front and centre, making it easy for Dad to select this setting.

Bright idea: Homework may not be fun, but the gentle glow and interesting design of the Wellness lamp make studying a little more bearable for the kids.

Dad tucks us into bed at night

Going to bed is usually a kid’s least favourite activity, but Dad has a trick up his sleeve with Philips Hue: the Go to sleep routine. The routine signals that it’s time for bed by turning the lights down low. Then, the routine slowly dims the lights until they’re off to help the little ones drift off to sleep. 

Bright idea: Kick bedtime up a notch by adding a Hue Go to your smart lighting setup. The Hue Go is a portable smart light that uses colour to enhance story time, helping Dad sail the Seven Seas, swing through the jungle or crown his little princess.

Dad’s reward: “Man time” with film night    

After all the kid-wrangling and daily routines, Dad needs a moment to himself. The Hue White and Colour Ambiance Starter Kit helps him set the perfect tone to settle in on the couch for film night. He can even set his favourite light scene to match whatever action film, comedy or drama he chooses using only his voice — all he has to do is ask his smart home assistant.

Couple relaxing on sofa in a purple-lit living room

Bright idea: Help Dad turn the living room into a personal cinema with the Hue Lightstrip. This flexible strip light can attach to almost any surface, providing indirect ambient lighting where Dad needs it most.