How long do Philips Hue smart light bulbs last?

The exact lifespan of Philips Hue smart lights differs slightly depending on whether you have a smart bulb, fixture or lightstrip. There’s also a difference in how long Philips Hue lights of different generations last. First-generation smart lights last up to 15,000 hours, while second- and third-generation lights last up to 25,000 hours.

How does a Philips Hue light bulb differ from a regular LED bulb?

In general, LED lights are more energy-efficient and longer-lasting compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. They are also noticeably cooler – 90% of the energy LEDs use is converted into light. On the other hand, incandescent bulbs lose a lot of heat; only 5–10% of their energy use is converted into light. 

Philips Hue smart lights utilise LED, meaning they also benefit from these advantages. However, compared to regular LED lights, Philips Hue lights are even more energy-efficient. Each Philips Hue bulb uses 80% less power than a traditional incandescent bulb. They also offer increased functionality and smart features – from wireless dimming and brightening to automations, light recipes for daily tasks, voice control and much more. 

How often will I need to change my Philips Hue light bulb?

Incandescent light bulbs have an average lifespan of 1,000 hours, meaning that they last around one year. With an average lifespan of 25,000 hours, a Philips Hue light bulb will not need replacing anywhere near as often. Exactly how often you will need to change a Hue light bulb depends on how many hours a day it is used – but it can last up to 25 years. 

*When a bulb displays "Up to" a certain number of lumens in its specifications, it displays the maximum lumen output of the bulb. It shows how bright the bulb can get at 2700 K (White bulbs) or 4000 K (White ambiance or White and colour ambiance bulbs). Learn more about brightness