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Find support for Philips Hue Secure cameras and sensors, the Security Center in the Philips Hue app, Secure plans, and more.

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Are Philips Hue lights and a Bridge required to use a Secure camera?
Can I use a Secure camera if I control my Philips Hue lights with Bluetooth?
How does a Bridge improve my Secure system?
Why should I get a Secure plan?
How do I set up my Philips Hue Secure device?
What do I need to set up a Secure camera?
Can a person without access to the Philips Hue app arm and disarm my Secure system?
Do I need a Secure camera to receive alerts from my Secure system?
Why should I add the Secure contact sensor or a motion sensor to my Secure setup?
Which Philips Hue products work with a Secure setup?
Which countries is Hue Secure available for ?

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