Bring in the light

Usher in the changing of the seasons with new lights for any space. Add pops of bright pinks, greens or mimic the natural warmth of sunlight to help refresh your bedroom sanctuary or the family entertainment space.    

Give any room a refresh

Wake up naturally

Schedule the morning sun to rise at your convenience. Choose the timing and style of your personalized dawn, and ease into wakefulness as the lights around you slowly brighten.

Stay focused

If your home is also your office, let smart light help you separate your work life from your home life. Your lights tell you when it’s time to focus — and when it’s time to take a break.


Smart lighting can signal when you should start winding down for the day, helping you relax and get ready for a good night’s sleep.

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*When a bulb displays "Up to" a certain number of lumens in its specifications, it displays the maximum lumen output of the bulb. It shows how bright the bulb can get at 2700 K (White bulbs) or 4000 K (White ambiance or White and color ambiance bulbs). Learn more about brightness