Understanding track lighting

Guide to Perifo track lighting

Perifo track lighting is modular in design, meaning that it’s made up of building blocks that fit together to make one track lighting unit.

How to get smart track lighting

Get a kit

Answer a few questions to find a kit, which includes everything you need: power supply unit, rails, connectors and lights.

Design your own

Get a walkthrough to help you put together your track lighting from scratch.   

Add on to a kit

Already got your kit? Customise it even more with a track lighting kit, and then extend it with additional rails and more lights.

Power supply unit

Pick your power supply unit (PSU) depending on where you want to mount your track lighting.


For the ceiling

You have two options depending on where your wiring is:

1-point PSU: This power supply unit is placed at the end of a rail.
2-point PSU: This power supply unit is placed between two rails.


For the wall

Wall-mounted Perifo track lighting generally plugs into an outlet, so there’s only one power supply unit:

1-point PSU with plug: This power supply unit is plugged into a plug socket. 

What you should know

How much space does a power supply unit take up on a rail?
How many lights can one power supply unit support?
Does my power supply unit need to be mounted on top of the electrical box?
Why do I need a power supply unit?

Rails and connectors

Design the size and shape of your track lighting. 


Choose the rails

You’ve got three options that let you lay out your track lighting to fit any space.

0.5 m

The shortest of the bunch, this rail creates smaller turns and keeps your track lighting compact.

1 m

This mid-sized rail suits most spaces and will comfortably fit a number of lights.

1.5 m

The longest rail creates impressive track lighting and offers lots of space for longer lights.

Choose the connectors

Create long and straight sections and 90-degree angles. Make sure to pick the right one – connectors don’t just join rails, but they also complete the electrical connection!

Create straight section

Use the straight connector to make straight track lighting.

Create a corner

Use an external corner connector to make your track lighting turn to the right or left.

Create a corner

Use an internal corner connector to make your track lighting turn to the right or left.

What you should know

What is the maximum length of rails I can use with a single Perifo track lighting power supply unit?
Can Perifo rails cross each other?
Can I create a ceiling-to-wall set-up with Perifo track lighting?
What kind of mounting options do Perifo track lighting rails have?
How do I decide how many rails and connectors I need?
What is the difference between internal and external corner connectors?
How do I choose which corner connector I need?
Do connectors take up space on the rail?


Each light clicks right into the rail, so you can rearrange them, add more later or replace them with different lights.  


Choose your lights

Each light takes up space on the rail and uses wattage from the power supply unit. When choosing your lights, ensure that your rails can fit the lights and that the power supply unit can support the wattage.



Shine colourful light wherever you angle them. Perfect for highlighting certain sections of a space.

510 lm @ 4000K   
490 lm @ 2700K

5.3 W 

17.7 cm


Pendant light

Raise and lower to the right height for direct, downward illumination. Perfect for lighting a dining room table.

510 lm @ 4000K   
490 lm @ 2700K

5.2 W 
17.7 cm


Linear light bar

Light up any space with diffused, colourful light. Perfect for illuminating larger rooms.

2050 lm @ 4000K   
1700 lm @ 2700K

29 W 
95 cm


Gradient light tube

Blend multiple colours of light together in a single fixture. Perfect for creating impactful washes of colour.

1060 lm @ 4000K   
740 lm @ 2700K

12 W (compact) 
29.5 W (large) 
71.4 cm (compact)
146.4 cm (large)

What you should know

How much weight can Perifo track lighting support?
Which lights work with Perifo track lighting?
How do I connect additional lights to my Perifo track lighting set-up?
How can Perifo lights be moved on the rail?

Perifo track lighting examples

Get inspiration from these smart track lighting set-ups.

Find a track lighting kit

Answer a few questions, and we’ll show you the track lighting kits that match your input. 

*When a bulb displays "Up to" a certain number of lumens in its specifications, it displays the maximum lumen output of the bulb. It shows how bright the bulb can get at 2700 K (White bulbs) or 4000 K (White ambiance or White and colour ambiance bulbs). Learn more about brightness