Hue Labs roundup: exercise, relax, and eat with these formulas

August 16, 2022

On their own, Philips Hue lights can help you work from home more efficiently, stay on schedule, and help keep you entertained. But when you add a few Hue Labs formulas, you can expand your experience with smart light. Check out this roundup of much-loved Hue Labs formulas specially curated to support you while spending time at home.

Hue Labs formula: Guided yoga

If you prefer to practice yoga at home these days, use the new Guided yoga formula to get yourself back on the mat. With this formula, you choose how many times you’d like to go through the sun salutation sequence: two, six, 12, or 24 times. The lights will change color to subtly lead you into the next pose without distractions, brightening and dimming to guide your breath.

If you’re new to yoga, each pose has a description and illustration to show you just what to do. Namaste!

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Woman practicing yoga at home with Hue Labs Meditation lights formula

Hue Labs formula: Meditation lights

Feeling stressed? Use the Hue Labs Meditation lights formula to wind down and find your Zen. Find a comfy spot, get settled in, and then start the formula. Your lights will gradually brighten and dim until you turn the formula off. Breathe in as they slowly brighten and breathe out as they dim. Continue this breathing exercise for as long as you wish, meditating until you feel at peace.

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Hue Labs formula: Fire rescue game

There are already plenty of ways to stay entertained at home with Philips Hue, but we have another: the Fire rescue game formula. This formula mimics a “fire” that the kids have to put out. A randomly selected light will begin flickering red until the kids “put it out” — but make sure they keep their eyes peeled for more! The “fire” will move to other lights in the Room you select until the time is up.

Unlike a real fire, this one shouldn’t be put out with water — let your kids use their imagination. Let them use a special “firehose”: an empty paper towel roll, a pool noodle, or even a banana would work!

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Hue Labs formula: Outdoor living scene

Your outdoor space is especially important these days — so dress it up! The Outdoor living scene formula cycles your lights through the colors of seven specially created scenes to create any atmosphere you like. Transform the patio with the Pool party scene, get back to nature with the Forest adventure scene, and more.

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Hue Labs formula: Quick workout

Get your muscles moving with the Quick workout formula! The formula guides you through a seven-minute routine comprising different exercises: push-ups, lunges, planks, squats, crunches, and more. During each set of exercises, the lights will blink to indicate pacing and reps. Once an exercise is completed, the lights will change color as a cue to start the next one.

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Hue Labs formula: Candlelight romance

Spice up mealtimes with Philips Hue scenes. Use your lights to transform your dinner table into a different destination each night — transport yourself to your favorite French bistro or cozy coffee house. Recreate the romance of going out to eat with your special someone with the Hue Labs Candlelight romance formula, which lets you transform your lights into gently flickering candles.

Looking for something more informal? Chill out in front of your favorite movie with a bowl of delicious snacks and create a cinematic feel with the Hue Labs Cinema scene formula. Hit play and dig in!

A couple enjoying dinner at home with Hue Labs Candlelight romance formula

*When a bulb displays "Up to" a certain number of lumens in its specifications, it displays the maximum lumen output of the bulb. It shows how bright the bulb can get at 2700 K (White bulbs) or 4000 K (White ambiance or White and color ambiance bulbs). Learn more about brightness