Smart home, brilliant lights

Starter kits

Get everything you need to start setting up your first Philips Hue smart lighting system.

Smart bulbs

With dozens of shapes and sizes, our smart LED bulbs can fit almost any lamp or fixture.

Gradient lightstrips

Bring a blend of colorful light to your entertainment space — or throughout your home.

Table lamps

From a bedside table to your TV stand, these smart table lamps add style to any room.

Set the mood with light

Get the right ambiance for any moment and any occasion.

More inspiring

Smart light lets you do more. Whether that’s creating the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing night in or bringing the thrill of the theater into your living room, Philips Hue helps you think larger than light. 

What Philips Hue can do for you


Match your mood to your surroundings


Sync your light with your media


Bring beauty to your backyard

How to install a Hue dimmer switch

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How to connect Hue Sync with Netflix

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More enjoyable

With thoughtful designs and convenient controls, Philips Hue makes even the most mundane moments monumental — and turns your everyday lighting into an experience.

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Make everyday lighting extraordinary

Let light support you throughout your day. Get a morning boost with bright white light or the perfect environment in which to read your favorite book.

More personal

Choose the bulbs, lamps, or fixtures that fit your home and your personality. Customize the settings to fit your needs. Set automations to make life easier. Your home is personal (and your smart lighting should be, too).

Philips Hue apps

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