Hue Iris vs. Hue Go

February 18th, 2021

Newly updated and smarter than ever, the Philips Hue Iris and Philips Hue Go smart lamps are both stylish accent pieces that complement many kinds of home decor. To pick the best smart table lamp for your setup, compare the Hue Iris and Hue Go.

Hue Iris and Hue Go comparison

Both lamps offer millions of shades of white and color light and wireless dimming, but there are some differences between the two smart lamps. 

  Hue Iris Hue Go
Light family
White and color ambiance  White and color ambiance 
Battery powered  No  Yes 
Integrated LED Yes
Lumen 570 520
Dimmable Yes Yes
Height 7.6 in 3.1 in
Length 8 in   5.9 in  
Width  8 in   5.9 in  
Weight  3.27 lbs  1.378 lbs 
Cable length  78.7 in  59 in 
Textile cord  Yes  No 
On-product control  No  Yes 
Backlight  Yes  No 
Price  $99.99  $79.99 

Hue Iris: the details

Iris smart table lamp set to soft white casting light against a wall

Redesigned in 2020, the Iris table lamp  has a transparent semi-spherical design with black or white features that include the inner tube and band around the lamp’s top edge. A textile cord and glowing backlight add to the aesthetic and make the Iris both a smart lamp and a design piece. 

The lamp sits at an angle and directs its light up and out, washing large swaths of any wall with colorful light — like the Hue Go, the Iris table lamp is meant to face the wall, not outward toward the room. Slightly larger in size than the Hue Go, the Iris boasts 570 lumens at full brightness. One of the redesigned features of the Iris is its ability to dim lower than ever, offering more opportunity to set just the right ambiance.

Iris smart table lamp set to blue casting light against a wall

The redesigned Iris lamp was released in Europe with a limited edition version featuring four new metallic colors: rosé, silver, copper, and gold.

Hue Go: the details

Hue Go smart table lamp being held in a woman’s outstretched hands

With its simple bowl-shaped design and translucent shell, the Hue Go doesn’t stand out — until you turn it on. The Hue Go smart lamp features 520 lumen and millions of colors of light, making it a bright and powerful addition to any room.

The most unique feature of the Hue Go is its portability. Simply unplug the power cable from the power socket and bring the lamp anywhere: on the table for an outdoor party, as the centerpiece for a festive family dinner, or even in the tent while camping. The battery lasts for up to 18 hours when the Hue Go is on the Cozy candle setting and up to 2.5 hours when at full brightness in any color.

The Hue Go features a stand on its underside so that  it sits at a 45-degree angle, which allows it to perfectly cast its light against a wall or large piece of furniture. You can also sit the Hue Go with its light facing straight up for a more unconventional look.

The Hue Go also featured a redesign in 2020 — with this release, the smart lamp was upgraded with Bluetooth capability and a new design that moved the power socket (previously located on the bottom) to the side of the lamp.

woman holding a Hue Go smart table lamp while pointing to the on-product button

Though the app unlocks the full suite of smart lighting features — routines, customized light settings, and more — the Hue Go doesn’t need to be paired with an app to function. Unlike the Iris, the Hue Go has an on-product button that lets you cycle through various unique light settings, including dynamic settings that change in color and brightness automatically:

  • Nightlight: A dimmed setting that's perfect for late-night wake ups
  • Dimmed: Slightly brighter than the nightlight setting and great for evenings
  • Relax: A warm orange glow, proven to be the best light in which to relax
  • Concentrate: A bright white setting with blue undertones to help you focus
  • Energize: Slightly bluer to help you feel more alert
  • Cozy candle: Warm white light that flickers like a candle
  • Night adventure: Vibrant purples, pinks, and blues that recreate twilight
  • Enchanted forest: Shades of green and yellow for a woodland vibe
  • Meditation: Blues and purples to complement Zen moments
  • Sunday coffee: Soft pinks and peaches perfect for weekend brunches

The choice between the Hue Go and the Hue Iris depends on a few things: where you want to use the lamp, what kind of aesthetic you want, and how the lamp will be used. If you want an artistic table lamp to use in a certain spot in the room, the Hue Iris may be the best option. For those that want to move the smart lamp around and use it in unique ways, the Hue Go is a better match. 

* W specyfikacji żarówki przy parametrze „Do” jest podana liczba lumenów oznaczająca maksymalny strumień świetlny żarówki. Określa on, jak jasno może świecić żarówka przy temperaturze barwowej 2700 K (białe żarówki) lub 4000 K (żarówki White Ambiance lub White and Color Ambiance). Dowiedz się więcej o jasności